Whispers On The Wind
By Don and Linda Dade

Ed W's touching tribute to our Papa Lobo Wolf in Petloss:

This does not seem real.

A beloved member of our Petloss family has gone to a huge reunion at the Rainbow Bridge
Donald Lee Dade aka LoboWolf15 August 16, 1941 - January 31, 2017

For over 15 of those years Lobo worked tirelessly to help others here at Petloss
Papa Lobo was an inspiration to me and to many others.
In his brilliance, he created the Wolf Pack volunteers.
It is wonderful to see so many of his "Cubs" here tonight.

Knowing that the chat room will never again be blessed with
his caring heart, gentle humor and
great wisdom is hard to take.

But I know that Papa Lobo would not want us to be sad tonight.
Let us instead remember how he made us feel inside those
innumerable times we witnessed him work his healing magic.
Using just the right words to lift the spirits of the grief stricken.

Let us remember how he made us smile, how he made us laugh,
how he could gently tease us out of a depressed mood.

Just Walking

Just walking in the rain letting
the gentle rain drops merge with
my silver tears. As I walk, remembrance
comes back to haunt me, the feeling
of your hand holding mine. of you letting go
as the colours of the rainbow called you home.

Now I gaze into the sky and watch the rain fall
waiting for the moment that the clouds part
and I see you once again in the rainbow.
When I hear your voice speaking to my heart.

Raindrops bring cleansing of the soul by helping
wash the pain of separation away. Hear me now
as I whisper to you in the breeze. You are in the hands
of love. In a father's embrace who will hold you
close till I can. He saw you falter and wanted to
ease your pain. As he called you home, he gently
stroked my heart letting me know you are safe.

Just walking in the rain with my hand upon my heart
I send this prayer to the one who waits to guide us
home. I know one day, there will be healing in reunion.
Is only a heartbeat away.

(c)J.C. Stewart

Words cannot express the sadness and pain my heart is feeling. My mentor, my teacher, my beloved soulmate....You picked me up from despair and grief with your warmth and compassion and guided me towards a path of love and understanding. You taught me a great deal. Your genuine love and concern for everyone was the greatest source of inspiration there could ever be. You gifted me with your friendship; our special connection was a blessing. You honored me with the name that would stand with me for years to come; the one of mother of the Wolfpack. Each time a new cub would be added to the brood , you would jokingly advise that there were starting to be too many mouths to feed. So many precious memories; so many tears flow because of still so many things left unsaid... Tonight not only I but all the Wolfpack mourns a great man who was an earthly angel and has now earned his wings. I offer my deepest condolences to all the Wolfpack family. Thank you my beloved soulmate. I love you forever.... and one day more.


Light a candle in Our Papa Lobo's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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