Immortal Storm
Written by LoboWolf

Papa, how do I thank you?..3..5 years ago I stepped into petloss chat after losing my dear kitty Penny.

I spent almost 12 hours a day speaking with the people known as "The Wolfpack", I learned through tears and grief to adjust to my loss and only to find myself reaching out to others that had lost their furkids, little did I know you were going to ask me to become a part of the Wolves, one of your cubs, a daughter.

So, through my tears and broken heart, I learned, as it came easy for me as this has been what my life has been about, reaching out, healing, communicating.

On my 3rd year, I joined Skype and was privileged to speak with you, Jackie Blueswolf, and some of our other brothers and sister wolves.

Finally , a voice to you, the sound of a man that had the respect of all that knew him. We enjoyed laughter, we encouraged each other, you sang a few verses of songs we knew, though tired you sang anyway

You had many nights that you were so tired... but you kept on.

You replied to my emails when you had hundreds, you liked my poetry, that meant so much to me, did you know?

We went through your loss's, as a family, how I looked forward to Monday nights.

I know selfishly I do want you to be here, with a joke a song, a few words, and your last sentence always being... " I love you all, good night".

My dear "PapaDon" as I often wrote, Now, I have to adjust to hearing your voice in a different way.

You will always be here in spirit, you are now with all your loving family, who has greeted you with open arms.

As your "kittykat", I will see you one day when its my time, until then, you have left your Wolfprint in my heart, I will not say goodbye.

I will say... "love you back".

If you see Willie, Merle, Pete, and Johnny , and all the other cowboys, give them a wave from me I'll be humming their tunes.

Rest peacefully, with respect,

Katmomwolf3 and Bubbles cat.

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I was here a couple of years before accepting Don's invitation to join the pack. When I did, he declared me a brother to him, an honor he rarely bestowed in the early days of the pack. In our grief let us remember all that he taught us and all that he showed us by his beautiful words and the example of his life so well lived. Let us never forget the blessing he was to so many of us for so many years.

You will never be forgotten my brother. This safe haven for broken and grieving hearts has suffered a terrible loss today but we will carry on in the spirit of the great wolf. We will continue to do what you always wanted us to do. Though you are no longer in our sight your spirit will never leave those of us who knew and loved you. Fly free my brother.....till we meet again.

Steve1492/ Music Wolf

Papa Lobo you will live on forever in all the hearts of the people you have helped in their time of grief and tears. I can see you smiling through your tears of joy as you meet Shewolf and all your beautiful fur family and walk across Rainbow Bridge together Your health renewed.... RIP Beautiful soul....loved and remembered forever

Housecatwolf aka #1 Cupcake

Many tears of joy at Rainbow Bridge!! Papa Lobo Is Home. God Bless you Papa. I will Never forget you. I am honored to be called your friend. This is Not goodbye, only Fare Thee Well, my giving and beautiful friend. Your loving spirit is eternal.

Love, cc

Jan 17, of the darkest days in my life..Yet at the same time a light glistened in the distance when I stumble across a chat room..The Petloss chat. I was welcomed with open arms by a gentleman who called himself LoboWolf and a group of hearts that called themselves the WolfPack. After months of chatting we became friends. At a time when my own relationship with my father was strained, I called Lobo Papa just like the others. I became a member of the Wolf Pack about 9 months later. Through the years, Don became a great friend through the keys..Always ready with a quick joke if the mood became somber or a bit of advice for those struggling to make sense of a loss. My original name here was Shrtkake....Lobo would call me his shortcake cubster.He will be dearly missed by all who knew him, all who loved him whether through the keys or in person.


My heart aches at the loss of Papa ~ he guided with such gentleness and love to every hurting heart. He too suffered loss too many times, but was always compassionate when someone needed a kind word. He always brought a smile. Our lives have been enriched and blessed for knowing him. We will meet him again one day and what a glorious meeting it will be. Don't cry because it is over, smile because we had him for a while. Walk with the whisper of the winds and know I hear you.


I first came to PetLoss in 2006, after losing Boo Boo. Lobowolf helped me through a very difficult time. What a tremendous loss to so many ...but he is now with all his fur babies. I am so grateful to you, wherever you are...😻

Boo Boo And Trouble's mom

I am so sad and shocked. So often we take people for granted and think they will always be around. Then before we know it, we have not had a chance to say goodbye. That irreplaceable person is gone and we are left with our tears and hoping they somehow knew how much they meant to us and how different our lives will be without them. The world will be a colder place now. Though our paths crossed only through Petloss, it is and has been a big part of my life and will not be the same now, though still a family of loving and supportive people.


Light a candle in Our Papa Lobo's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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