You Are My Sunshine
Carly Simon

Muffin was a silly girl! She adopted my black chair as her own and since it was her house and she just allowed us to live in it, I called her the Queen when she was on the chair...the Queen was on her throne! She loved the snow and would pounce on the shadows of the snowflakes at night...she would stay out there forever if I didn't make her come in!

She also adopted my black and red Sabres blanket as her own to lay on. This became Muffin's blanket and I would make sure it was in the car for any car rides we would take...including the very last one. She loved her soccer ball toy. It squeaked I think...and she just loved to play with it. She also was a huge fan of getting into the dish washer and helping the process along. We had no idea that she would eat corn on the cob, but she did! She loved it and she shared some of mine every time we had it. She also would lay on my blanket in the summer time by the pool and drink my ice cold water from my frosty mug...gosh I miss her. She was just an awesome girl, my furry daughter...I got a tattoo of her paw print so we will be together forever.

Light a candle in Muffin's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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