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It is with much sadness that I write this. Our dear girl Becky had to leave us today. Wed Aug 25th 2010. Our vet came to our house to make it as peaceful as we could. She just went to sleep. Becky was the best girl so smart. She knew everything we said. She was also a great lover of Christmas and Birthdays as long as she got presents. We were so blessed to have her with us . She gave us so much love and lots of laughs the nine short years we had her. Becky was a golden Lab and turned 15 on June 1st 2010. Everyone tells us how great for her to make it to be that old but it was still not long enough. We want to send her lots of hugs and puppy dog kisses and tell her to keep watching over her family down here till we are with her once again. She was also a great lover of cats . When she came here we only had two but over the years we added her baby Mick he just walked into our hearts. We had him for only 5 years then FIP took him .Becky and he played together and we had lots of laughs .This little white tabby about 9lbs playing ball with a 60lb lab. You really had to see this. Then came Trey and of course she loved him too .They shared the couch lots of time. After we loss Mick 2007 we took in another stray. All our cats were strays. Muggins moved in from the start he would brush against Becky and she would poke him with her nose. Friends because we believe Mick sent us Muggins. It broke our hearts to say good bye to her but we knew she was suffering and it was time. I pray Becky you are at peace. Playing with baby Mick. Giving him wet kisses from his mom. I know we were blessed to have you this many years but it is never long enough when you are loved so much.. You wait for me with Betsy, Max, Scrappy, Mick and you will find a lot of my heart up there so just keep them all together ok.?When it is our time we will see you at those big Pearly Gates. Never to be parted again I Love You All So Much..Forever & Always Becky & Mick Love Momma & Dad Schooch, Mitzy, Trey & Muggins♥♥♥

I could hear you saying Becky, in your very gentle way.
You told me that it was all right, I didn’t have to stay.
I was getting very tired, and the pain was leaving too
I closed my eyes a second, and a field came into view.

I still could hear you talking, but you seemed quite far away
Though I longed to be beside you, I just couldn’t seem to stay
For one moment I was with you, and the next I’m running free
I turned my head and there was my Mick, running next to me.

We ran together through the field, and birdies filled the sky.
We chased and played together, then I turned and wondered why?
Why were you not behind me? I wondered where you went.
Then someone was beside me, and He had a lovely scent.

He petted me and told me that I simply had to wait.
That before I‘‘d time to miss you, you’’d be coming through the gate
He said that very loyal pets, were granted special space
To wait for those who loved them, to see again their face.

So please, know I am waiting with dogs and cats, and many more
For the day that I can see again the face that I adore.
It’’s really such a lovely place, there’’s no sickness and no pain.
I’’ll be so very filled with joy when I see you once again.

Thank you for setting me free.

© 2009 (by Carol Notermann)

It is with great sadness and a broken heart that I write this for our Becky. She was the greatest dog ,gentle, loving, best friend, great with kids, an angel. She came to us 9 years2 months ago. My son moved this little golden girl into our home with our 2 cats. Schooch & Mitzy. At first Becky had problems because the former owners left her alone for long periods of time. They had decided to take her to the Humane Society when my son took her. Then a few months after we had to let our girl Betsy go. Well then he moved back home.

Becky had a form of Autism she would stare at the walls for hours. When we were home we would not let her do this. We would make her get up on the sofa and watch tv or play with her. Little by little she stopped doing it. Then when we were working she had the cats to keep her company and full range of the house. No gates when she moved here she became family, not a pet. We were to keep this smart girl eating only dog food. Can not happen so when my son moved out 4 years later. The girl was spoiled and needed to stay with us and her cats.

In 2002 we moved in a 5 month old kitty named Mick. He was hers. Mick grow up to be a beautiful white tabby and he and Becky would play ball in the house of course. 2003 another stray Trey and she loved him too. We told everyone she was a catdog. She didn`t like dogs. Becky was the best .

In 2007 her baby Mick got sick he had dry FIP. She missed him so much. She knew when I took him home ,she came and sniffed his little still body. That was the hardest day of my life... Anyway as the great girl she was . When we took in another stray Muggins . She came and welcomed him and they became quick friends.

Last year I went off work. Overused of my shoulders and could not go back. Every trip I made to my doctors I would say Thank God for my dog. Hubby home without work and depressed. Never had I been off work before. Becky got me through the winter. By this time Age had taken it toll on our beautiful girl. She had tumors and skin problems. But she still would come see her mom for her belly rubs. I would say “ok who wants a belly rub” and she would roll over all fours up in the air. I should have let her go maybe before this but just couldn't.

I want to celebrate her life and thank her for all those wonderful years of pure love. I wish it could have been longer. There is a piece in my heart missing once again because I did give her back some of what she gave me. LOVE

I had gave her a last belly rub and although all fours could not go up in the air. She still would do her best to lift two paws. The vet came to her home gave her something to help her go to sleep then gave her peace. She will be missed for a very long time . When a family member dies the hurt takes time. A lot of time to start healing.

We had our girl cremated and she is back home with us. She will be next to Mick here and at Rainbow Bridge. A truer friend I will never have again. Thank you Becky our beautiful golden girl for all your wonderful love.

Thank you for reading about{{{ My Best Friend }}} Kath (Housecats4)

Light a candle in Becky's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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