The Dance
By Garth Brooks

Ben, you will never know how much joy, love and laughter you brought to our lives. You left us too soon but your work here on earth was done. We always thought that you relied on us but when you left we realized how much we relied on you to greet us at the door with your tail wagging and your happy smile. Ben, you left a large hole in our heart that could never be filled. No more dog hair all over the bed, no more vacuuming twice a day, no more nose prints on the glass door, how we would love to be cleaning up after you just to have you back. We miss talking to you when we get home from work, we would ask how is your day and you certainly had alot to say.With every thunderstorm we think of you, running through the house trying to find the noise. We did everything we could to save you but the pain you were in was too much for you to bear. We had to let you go. We love and miss you very much.

Our hearts cry out so often
One more look, one last touch
Let me hold that silky once again
To feel that warmth again
To look into those trusting eyes of love

Our ears yearn to hear their call
To awaken from this dream
And find them there beside us
Then whispers come to us

We hear that beloved voice again
In the winds that caress our hearts
When we look into the eyes of one
Who we have reached out to
We look into their trusting
eyes of love again

Our hands and arms let them go
They are forever in our hearts
There will come a time when
Our work is done that we

Shall awaken at the Bridge
Look into the distance
And see all are strong and healthy
Then some who have been waiting
Will raise their heads and see you
Running to your arms

Again you feel that silky warmth again
Will look into the eyes of love
Here they are by your side
Your tears shall fall upon silky fur

Your arms shall hold them again
You shall take with you the love
From the ones here who have yet to follow
And tell those who wait , you are loved

ŠJ.C. Stewart

Picture Made With Love By
Pam Whitacre

Light a candle in Ben's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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