Unchained Melod
By Righteous Brothers

Sailor was a survivor all his life. He was born on the streets of a Caribbean island in 1999.

One day, this sad looking brown dog with lots of scars on his legs showed up at our restaurant located on a pier jutting out into the ocean- hence the name Sailor. He looked old and sickly. We decided to take him home.

Upon his Vet visit to clean up mange, it was determined he was 8 months old and 50 pounds! People on the island later told us they had seen him at every restaurant on the strip begging for food. He was quite successful, and we believe it was because he was so adorable. He would cock his head to one side and could make these wrinkles on his forehead- hence, his nickname Wrinkles.

Sailor fit right in with our lifestyle and two huskies. He learned “potty training” by watching the huskies go outside. Never once did Sailor have an accident in the house.

He would sit on top of a table on the patio for hours- the Caribbean breeze blowing his ears out so that he looked like the “Flying Nun”.

Obviously, Sailor LOVED food except French fries, shrimp and black olives. Once getting a piece of a Subway sandwich, he spit the black olive out with such gusto that it flew over my shoulder!!!! . He was never food aggressive; he knew that if it was appropriate he would get some people food. However, if the huskies did not eat right away, Sailor would sneak to their bowls and gobble down an extra dinner. And he always sat right next to Grandpa waiting for a handout, which of course, Grandpa would always oblige.

Being a street dog, he never really learned to play or fetch, but he sure did love his sofa and to cuddle. He was fiercely loyal to us and the people he loved. There was absolutely no one that met Sailor that didn’t love him. All you ever had to do was stand in front of him with your arms open and he’d come running for a hug. I taught him how to dance but only to a Caribbean beat! As he gained 30 pounds, dancing became harder to do on 2 feet.

He loved coming to America- more kinds of treats, toys and plenty of ice cream. He wore his 4th of July bandana proudly. He loved riding in the car and usually co-piloted standing on the console.

We swear he could understand ever word uttered and he did know how to tell time. Once Judge Judy was over at 5PM, it was “Suppa-Time”.

He was never sick a day in his life until December 2007 when he was diagnosed with cancer- a tumor behind his right eye. He was stoic prior to the surgery to remove his eye, never snapping at any of us or the doctors. Within 3 days of the surgery, we could see he did not need to wear the E-Collar, he never scratched at the stitches. However, he chose to sleep with Mommy and Daddy and not on the sofa during his recuperation.

He shared the bed quite nicely.

We opted not to do daily radiation because he would be away from us for 3 weeks. The nearest hospital that could do the radiation was 2 hours away and it would mean he had to be boarded. We wanted as much quality time with him as possible at home where he was happy.

With great Vet care, he was pain free and basically comfortable until the end, October 17, 2008. The last few days, he could only lick ice cream for the tumor had spread to his jaw. He would wake Frank up in the middle of the night for his medication. Two days before he went to Rainbow bridge, he still wanted to go for a short walk, he loved to run through the autumn leaves that had fallen.

Sailor Wrinkle Way came to us quietly and gently one night and he left us the same way. He was a remarkable, smart, sweet, loving companion who will be forever in our hearts.

God speed my baby Sailor- run with your husky friends!

Love Mommy and Daddy (Melissa and Frank) and Grandpa xoxoxoxoxox

Sailor went peacefully, and is now free from pain and suffering. On the way home after setting Sailor free, the sky was getting dark, and there were no stars. We made a bend in the road, and in the sky were 4 stars. The North star, and 3 bright stars in a row. This was a sign, Sailor was with his life long friends, Zacky and Dakota. They were Huskies, and Huskies go North of Rainbow Bridge, and Sailor is an honorary husky, he lived with them all his life. I know that he is young and whole again and they are waiting for us when our time comes.

We have tried to give Sailor the best life we could, and he returned that 10 fold with his unconditional love over the past 10 years. I know that Sailor will be in a better place, free from that dreaded illness called Cancer. He will be young and whole again as he was in his younger days, playing with Zacky. Like the Monday ceremony says, he taught us about love, and I hope we learned from him. I know that I am sending him on a journey not because I did not love him, but I love him so much, I can not force him to stay. He will be in great company till I get there, and what a reunion it will be.

Light a candle in Sailor's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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