I Believe
By Diamond Rio

I have seen the morning sun
rise upon my window panes.
I have seen the glory of the sun
as sets at end of day.
I have seen rebirth in the
beginnings of each new day.
I have heard the sounds cast
in my mind of words unsaid.

On a clear day, I can see
forever in the skies above me.
I have seen the love as soft
eyes gazed gently into mine,
I have known love on four legs,
more so than ever I have two.
I have had the pleasure of time
that stands still in my mind.

I have shared the silver of
the teardrops as they fell,
I have heard the words of
others in much pain.
There have been things I
know left unsaid as time heals,
But I have sensed those
teardrops fall like rain.

It is known the pain of words
written for this heart that hurts,
And words fill the gap that time
has not yet felt the need to erase,
You too have words that you too
have yet to speak or write,
About the great hurt of the tears
that you wet upon your face.

So let we who care share your
pain with you my friends,
Let not ever the glory of the
rainbows shine be for naught.
One day more shall we rise
to smell the beauty of the rose.
And once more in the web of
great love shall we be caught.

Yes you have known the glory of
the sunrise as it burst upon the land,
And seen it slowly drift across the
meadow gently kissed with dew.
You have felt its warming rays
spread and warm your very soul,
And you have known the love
of four legs, just as you have two.

You know this life as it stands
is not without its grief,
So Live on this life that you
know you must fulfill,
Until that day that you are
called upon to go,
And you will see the sunlight
shine again upon your sill.

©Don Dade – 02/04/2006

One day as I traveled along my life’s path
Three women weaving I happened to see
And I stopped to rest and to watch for a while
As they worked on an intricate tapestry.

As I watched and they wove I began to see
The color of each thread shift and change
And the pattern would alter with the color shift
And the tapestry grew and expanded it’s range.

I continued to watch as they continued to weave
And I saw periodically one a thread would snip
And a small hole would form in the tapestry
And the pattern at that point alter and shift.

But others would take up each thread as snipped
And weave it into a new tapestry
No thread seemed lost for even a moment
The flow to the looms seemed as smooth as can be.

Then one of the three smiled up at me
Sad eyes that seemed tired with age
And without a word she explained the threads
And the intricate tapestry they made.

“Threads cut shorter a short life or child
Longer threads those of ones older
Bright tones for happy moments in life
Dark tones for times sadder and colder”

And I watched the two looms and their tapestries
Amazed both from the same threads were woven
The first intricate patterned in dark and light
The second flawless with beauty unspoken

As a single tear fell she again spoke to me
“We ,the Fates, weave for all time the tapestry of life
We weave with life’s threads, the long and the short
Our patterns colored by joy, pain, and strife.”

“The others are angels who lift up each cut thread
To add to their loom with love oh so gently
Then they weave with colors so perfect and lovely
For their tapestry is the perfect eternity.


Each moment I stop and smile
As thoughts of you drift on angel's
wings Through my mind
Joy filled memories dancing
on the sun beams
Each one more precious because of you
I see you clearly, eyes aglow
with happines and love
Each moment is engraved on my heart
Mama and Papa I did come home with you
Where ever you are I am there
Home to me is your heart
I feel your love so strongly
You give me more love in one
touch, in one prayer

Then many know in a lifetime
I still feel your hugs and gentle touches
Feel my touch in the gentle breeze
that caresses your face
I am at the bridge watching
over you and loving you
Now is time for you to heal
Know you are the best Mama and Papa
anyone could have
I send you kisses and hugs on the
wind till the day of reunion

Love always and forever
Is never good-bye, but till we meet
again never to be parted
Till we meet again Mama and Papa
I am always near

© J.C. Stewart aka BarTendersBluesWolf

I hear your heart calling out for me
gone to soon my Lil one
You look for me in places we once
spent many happy hours. Asking

I feel your tears as they gently
flow from pain filled eyes.
Each one glows with love
for me. Memories come to you
of when I used to dry your tears.

I still do, that will never change
when you feel the breeze caress
your face is me kissing your
tears away.

Remember for me
that our time on this earth may
of been short but the love is
always. You opened your
heart letting me in. Giving
love I may of never known.

You gave me a home, a family
peace to a wounded heart.
When it was time for me
to journey to Rainbow Bridge
I took that love with me like
a warm hug.

I know it is hard on your heart
to have had to say good bye to
me just after having said hello.

Please remember for me
that it was never good bye,
but till we meet again
never to be parted.

© BarTendersBluesWolf
Aka J.C. Stewart
October 1, 2008

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