The Dance
By Garth Brooks

Betsy was the little girl I never had. She was the sweetest little black dog. She would scare the living day lights right out of you. You just never knew when she would bark. She was mom`s door bell. Mom loved her so very much she was so special. My little girl Betsy Anna l Poo left us seven years ago on March 14th/2001. She suffered a blood cloth we think. For five days I watched over her but I knew I couldn`t let her suffer. At 14 she was such a good dog and I could never let her suffer like she was. She didn`t know where she was . She would go to the closet door to go out . She would go around and around in circles panting all the time. I had to take her and lead her to the couch then sit and hug her to calm her down. We took her to the vet and asked her advice . She told us what we already knew. She was very kind and said if it was her girl she would let her go. She said it was the kindest thing for such a good old girl. So at 5:30 on a Wed. evening we stayed bye her side and said good bye to our girl. It was the hardest thing I every did as this was only the second time I had to put one of my babies to sleep. I didn`t know about Rainbow Bridge at this time I only found it about 6 months later. I loved her too much to make her stay here in so much distress. Betsy Anna Poo you know how much your mom loves you. I hope you and Sammy are taking good care of her little Mick. He was the one who showed me how to let my heart heal after losing you. This time I just don`t know if it will ever heal. I love you so much Betsy . Your picture is in my purse, lunch bad and on my night table with Sam and Mick`s. You are never far away. It will stay there forever, my little love. Betsy`s Mom

We only had Sammy for four years but knew him for about ten. He was my best friends dog. My hubby`s Mum .Sammy was my Betsy`s best buddy they would keep house together when ever Betty and I went shopping or darts. I would drop off Betsy with Sammy they were best pals. When Betty passed on we took Sammy. My sister -in-law got Timmy the budgie he lived to be twelve. Sammy had to get use to living with two cats Schooch and Mitzy. He was about ten at this time and our cats ran the house. They still do only now there is four. Sammy had a very bad attitude he was a very cranky boy. We thought if maybe he was fixed it would help and it did. What a beautiful little old man he became.. He lost the mean streak and they became the family . They ate, slept and played together. He was fourteen and a half when his kidneys started to fail him. He was in a lot of pain and eight years ago on Feb22/00 on our granddaughter`s birthday .We had to take him up to the vets and let him go to Rainbow Bridge. I didn`t know about Rainbow Bridge at this time. I wish I would have. Betsy missed her buddy so very much. Then one year later she went to be with him. Sammy was the best ball catcher I ever seen. He never missed a ball. I know they are all together with my best friend Betty. Now my Mick is with them too. Hugs and kisses to all my babies and take care of them Betty for I know you will spend all your time with the animals you loved so. So very many of them that I can`t begin to call by name. XOXOXO Love you all Housecats4( Dad &Mom)

Scrappy was our first family dog. We got him for the two boys we had, of course he was mom`s boy. He lived to be about 13 but he died an awful death and alone. A new female dog moved in about half mile away. He went to visit and a younger dog beat him up very bad. A dog catcher had just been hired for the village. He was called and picked up our old boy. For three nights and two days we looked every where for Scrappy but we couldn`t find him. I worked at a store at this time and asked everyone if they had seen a brown dog. Always the answer was "No" On day three a lady came in who owned the new little female and she told me she had called the dog catcher. I phone right away and I was too later they had put him down that morning and gotten rid of him. They said he was hurt really bad and suffered a lot. My poor little guy who was our spoiled baby . He must have waited for his mom to come for him but she never did. To this day when I think of my Scrappy and look at his picture. Tears fill my eyes that he died alone and scared. If only I could have been there for him.

Mom still thinks about you sweet old boy but now you are young again and running and playing like you use too.

The sad thing about this story is that the new dog catcher they had hired. Was really our garbage man and he hated my dog. I believe he knew who this dog belong to but didn`t tell anyone. To know that people like that is still out there and think so little of animals. Scrappy, mom knows you know that she looked for you . I am so sorry that you suffered so much and that I was not there with you in the end. I know you are happy at Rainbow Bridge till we meet again "My Friend" Scrappy`s Mom

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