My Elusive Dreams
By David Houston & Tammy Wynette

Houston was my first-ever English Lop. I told my mom
that one day I was going to own an English Lop and
it was going to be loved forever. I had done some
research about them and fell in love with their ears
and size. I was searching for close breeders that
bred English Lops. It was so hard to find any in
Indiana. All the ones I found were out of state.
I started emailing out-of-state breeders and got
many responses. I got one email that really
stood out. I opened it and it was from a breeder
in Ohio. She said that she had an
eight-month-old broken chestnut buck English Lop
that really needed a home. She went on to say
that he had allergies and was not able to be
shown. She really wanted to find him a good
home because she loved him and it wasn't fair
to him to have to live in a cage for the rest of
his life. I emailed her back and told her I would
take him. She sent me pictures of him and I fell
in love with him. He was exactly what I had
been looking for. I told mom about him and I
once again drained my bank account to pay
for the trip to get him, but it was worth it.

It was in February of 2007 that we went to get
him. My mom, dad, and I got up at 5:00 that
morning. It was a four-hour drive to Louisville, OH
much longer than when we went to get Kera.
I was excited and couldn't wait to get there.
We arrived at the breeder's house at 12:00 p.m.
She immediately came out and greeted us and
welcomed us inside. She got Houston out and
let me hold him. She told me all about him and
what he liked the most. She was very kind and
had tears in her eyes when we took Houston
out to the car with us. Soon we were on the
four-hour trip back home. Houston was good
the whole ride home. We got home at 9:00 p.m.
I quickly got Houston in his new home and let
him be. And so his life with me began. Houston
was the best rabbit anyone could ever ask for.
He gave me kisses and loved me. I always
looked forward to coming home from school
and seeing his face. He got me through my
bad days and worst times. He was always
there for me. Everyone that met Houston fell
in love with him. He had a charm about him
that people really loved. As the months
went by, I got more attached to Houston.
He got five meals a day because he was
so huge. He had a bell in his cage that he
would ring when he wanted something.
When September came around, Houston
started acting funny. It was near the end
of the month and he was getting skinnier
by the day. I got very afraid and worried
that he was going to leave me. I told dad to
call the vet and make him an appointment
because he couldn't wait any longer. The
vet couldn't take him for about a week
because he was booked and he was the
only rabbit vet around here. I tried to
keep Houston as comfortable as possible.
On October 2, 2007, Houston started
getting worse. He got to where he quit
eating and drinking. At about 12:00 a.m.
on October 3, Houston was about gone.
He just stood in his corner and wouldn't
move. Then at 12:45 a.m. he had a seizure
and was gone. I sat with him the whole time.
It was the most horrible thing I had ever
seen, but I was glad I was there with him.
He is at Rainbow Bridge with Kera and Jewel,
probably playing around together. He will
always be missed.

Rainbow's End

I will wait for you, until the
time comes when we will be
together again. I will meet
you at the rainbow's end
where the sky touches
the earth.

Until then I watch over you.
I feel the love you have for
me in each tear you shed.
I hear your voice speaking
to me from your heart.

When you question if we will
be reunited, know it shall be.
We are meant to be as one

Until the colours of the rainbow
beckon for you to follow. I take
each step by your side. Even
though you can't see me I am

Let healing touch your heart
let the silver tears wash the
pain away. For I am just
around the corner where your
heart dwells.

Remember reunion will be
at the Rainbow's end.

J.C. Stewart Aka
April 2, 2008


In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion

I've noticed you for a while and wondered
were you cause for fear or hope
I've wondered if my thoughts were heard
Or if you were aware of me at all

Are you my memories lingering to haunt me
with wishes I cannot make true
Are you Time standing there just to taunt me
Echoes of the past and the future

With the passage of time as I begin to heal
and memories become warm and sweet
I realize that you are my lost one's love I feel
Bidding me hope as they watch over me.

In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion
Loving, watching, caring.


Brandy's Lorelie

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