From the day you were received at the Gainesville Guinea Pig
Rescue, everyone knew you were special. You were so
glamorous and friendly, yet a bit of a stinker when you wanted to
be. You stole the hearts of whomever came near you.

Your first home was not the best, and we all are sorry for that.
We did not know that they would return you pregnant and with
lies. But, when Susan saw you that wonderful morning with little
Amee and fellow sibling zipping all over the other cages, she
vowed to find you a perfect forever home.

And so begins the story of how you blessed our lives little

I will never forget the first time I saw your picture on Petfinder. I
immediately knew you were to be mine. However, you were not
spayed, and Susan was afraid you might not get along with the
other piggies we already had. I was crushed, but a new thought
popped into my head. My own Mom! She had mentioned she
wanted a piggie to love, and who better to fit the bill than you my
little angel. So, hubby and I talked it over with Mom and you were
adopted at Daytona Speedway, in the presence of Dale. Senor's
statue, and away we went to Pittsburgh to your new life. You
were spoiled for two years there, and my Mom loved every
precious second of it. However, her health changed your course
of destiny and you were brought back to Florida with us. You
went from having your first friend Lola Moonshine, to a bunch of
friends! They all loved you, and you just fit yourself right in. I was
so impressed with how well you handled it, and how motherly you
were. You made sure everyone ate, and was clean and cared
for. You were there for Princess when she was sick, and I will
never forget how you watched over her and stayed right by her
side until she passed. You said farewell to her so dignified, and
made sure that Lola and Marilyn were ok and that they got to say
farewell too. You were truly a special girl Zsa Zsa.

I am so happy we were able to adopt Amee, one of the babies
from your first and only litter. I still have a piece of you that lives
on, and she so reminds me of you. I only wish she would have
loved you and appreciated you in your life. I know that is all you
wanted, and I am glad at least at your last moments with us, she
put aside her own issues and gave you all you ever wanted, her
love. It was so sweet and emotional... and so very beautiful.

As I sit here and remember you, I cry, They are not just tears of
sadness because you are gone from us, but tears of joy at the life
you had come to know and the many happy memories I have.

You never once showed signs of pain, or illness. We could never
figure out why you were losing weight, even with all that you ate.
We took you in for a few sneezes, and oh my little Mama to know
what would come of that to this day I am sorry for. You never
deserved the card that fate dealt you, and I will never understand
it. All I can say is I am so blessed to have been graced with your
love and companionship for the 10 months we had you here. I
wish everyday it could have been longer and I could have loved
you more.

I will never forget the gift you gave to me as you left this world,
and I thank you for that my little Sunshine. You struggled and
fought so hard to see me and have me with you. I held your little
paw and sang to you, you settled down and went to rest when you
knew I was there and I would be ok. You touched my soul and
spirit in a way that I have never felt before in that passing
moment, and I knew you had made it and you were ok. Thank
you. I know Princess Piggie was there waiting and wheeking for
you, and I am sure she couldn't wait to introduce you to Mr.
Snuggles and all of her new friends. I pray that the parsley fields
are green and never ending, and the sunshine is bright and
warm, because I know how much you love to bask in it. I pray
that you know peace and no pain, I never minded one bit helping
you around and being your little legs. I hope you know that baby,
and I am so sorry for any discomfort you felt.

I love and miss you so much, and I thank you for the little visits
and signs you have given us here. You will never be forgotten.
My Mom thinks of you everyday, and will never stop loving you.
We all can't wait for the day to hear your breathy little wheeks
and kiss that beautiful little patch of red on your nose. I miss
seeing your "bunny nose" wiggle when you would breath. I think
of you every time I see a tomato, I haven't been able to eat one
yet, but I promise I will think of you when I do. My hands and
dinner table are lonely and empty now. I got so used to eating
with you and having you with me. I still have my chair a little to the
right to allow room for you to be next to me. I love you sweet girl,
never forget that.

Rest well sweet Zsa Zsa, thank you for being the special piggie
girl that you were, and I will see you when our day comes to
meet again...

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy, Marilyn, Lola, Fuzzie, Callie and Amee

~*~ ~*~

The Prayer
By Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion

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