12th of January 2007
My dear Tiziano (Tizo),

This evening and night Iíve been looking at some of
all the pictures I have of you. Iím grateful I have so

I miss you dear, but I also know you are happy and
well now and you donít need me anymore; youíre
finally free, but I canít understand its been 2 years

I looked deep in your dark, brown eyes so often
when we were sitting besides each other or lay my
arm around your neck and felt your wonderful, long
fur and kissed your nose and sometimes you kissed
me back.

You will always be that special creature you were,
to me, only I knew you really well and so did you.
Iím so honored to have been in such good contact
with an animal.

I will go to sleep now and hugging my new, big
Tizobear, I got as a present from my mother, you
know, Ingegerd, and I know she miss you too even if
she doesnít say so.

I try to post some new photos of you; it will take
some more time for me and Iím not ready yet

I hope you like all the flowers I put on grandma and
grandpaís grave this afternoon and all the candles
it was for you too. I felt such peace when Iíve done it
and was standing in the dark looking at it...I think you
were there with me then...

Love you, miss you but I also know youíre home now
waiting for me, together with grandma and grandpa.

Yvonne - your mum forever

Donít cry for me anymore

I know You miss holding me and being with me
Now that You canīt see me anymore,
Or hug me or play with me as you used to
But, please donít cry for me anymoreÖ

All the times you think of, we still have it all
And everything we did and felt, itís only ours
They were a gift to You from me, I was a gift
So donít cry for my gift to You Ė I donít

You returned my gift with your love, our love
And You were my living light, in this life
Our love is still living by an invisible cord
So donít cry for our love Ė I donít

One day though, I had to move on, even so
My soul to another phase of existence
We all have to do so, to a new kind of life
So donít cry for my new life Ė I donít

My soul went softly towards the light that day
And Iím now soaring high over blue skies, Iím free
Without pain Iím finally at home, at peace
So donít cry for my soul at peaceĖ I donít

My soul and spirit are still living and so is my love for You
My body You saw and remember was merely a disguise
To make it easy for you to love and remember
So donít cry for the memoriesĖ I donít

And now, I hope what you really loved about me,
Was my soul, my spirit, my endless love for You
My life interlaced with yours in the Land of Eternity
So donít cry for our life together Ė I donít

And remember, when you need me, Iíll be with you again
Even if you canít see me, as you used to
Close your tender eyes, take deep breaths,
And Iíll be with you again, my loving lightÖ
Take deep breaths, deep breathsÖ

So, please donít cry for me Ė Iíll be just beside you again

And You can feel my love, in the rays of the faint sun,
My breath on your face, in a soft autumn wind
And You can smell me in the fragrance of flower in the room
Even the smallest raindrop on your cheek Ė Iím there
For You, to wipe away your tears and sadnessÖ

Because I was meant to be a gift to You,
Not a burden or a great grief
My gift was to make You happy, to feel loved
And not to be sad or cry for me

So, please donīt cry for me anymore
Iīm home and Iīm free at last

© Yvonne Jansson ~ 12th of October, 2006

After Tizoís surgery he was tired and had to rest
much and I entertained him inside by letting him
search for his toys where I was sitting on the floor
beside him. I had hidden them on myself, under the

sweater or under my knee or inside my trousersí cuff
or under his pillow and so on... in that way he had
something to do and didnít need to get
overstrained. And he loved sniffing around on me
and my cloths to find out were it was.

He was weak in the beginning but he was a strong
dog and became better very soon. I had to take very
short walks but he wanted to go more but we
couldnít. He was a fighter and a real braveheart.

He became stronger around the beginning of
December. You couldnīt see he was over 12 years
old and had just had a major surgery. But
unfortunately this wouldnít last for more than a few
more weeks-one month, until the 12th of January

And, I especially remember the 12th of December
2004 because it was the day before our Lucia Day,
a Sunday and it was the last time we were at the
cabin at Stavsnšs and it was no snow and very mild
weather. We were out to a picnic!!! with a friend of
mine and he seemed happy and well then. I donīt
have any picture of that day to show you but I did
have a video camera, but do you know one
thing....I havenít yet been looked at the video film
of us since that day... ...maybe I will tomorrow....

The summer of 2005, the first without Tizo I bought
a genuine pink rose on one of his Bridgedays. I put
it in the garden at Stavsnšs. Last winter it was
wintering there but this summer I planted it in a big
pot. And when I went home to Stavsnšs in October
I took it home with me. So now I have it in my
kitchen window and for a week I saw a bud coming
up! And this morning it was in bloom! I take that
for a sign because roses donít usually bloom before
Christmas....they just donít usually do that, unless..
You were my rosebud in my life Tizo, beautiful to
look at, wonderful to smell, seemed delicate but
were also hardy and sometimes a bit sharp

Iīve traveled a long road of grief and sadness
myself trying to understand why this happened to
me and to accept my new life without my dear Tizo
by my side after more than over twelve years. And
in January it will be two years since he went to
Rainbow Bridge and I canīt quite understand itīs
been so long time since he had to goÖ

I will always have you in my heart, with love,
Yvonne Ė Tizoīs mum and true Earth friend forever


Rainbow Framed Globe made with love by Punkin Mummy - Colleen