Fleeting shadows cross your face, I see pain etched quickly there.
You hide it well with the wall time helped erect.
As I watch gentle winds caress your hair,
while you sit in silent retrospect.

Fleeting shadows in the night betrayed
By the rays from the moon above.
Do you wonder just what might have been
If you had found a sooner love.

Do you wonder at the gentle love
That in your later years did spring
I wonder at the life you’ve had
As I see the hurt within.

I sense the years falling back
The blurry shadows cannot hide
What I see buried deep inside
Through the windows of your eyes

The shadows cannot hide from me
The pain that lingers there
At the thought of lost love so fine
As him with the Silver hair.

©Written by LoboWolf aka Don Dade

When I dream I see you just around the corner
waiting for me. I see you so clearly, that if I
reached my hand out I would touch your warmth.
I hear you sigh and feel the caress of your breath on
my cheek. I touch my face and picture
you just around the corner.

In the darkness of the night when all the light is gone
and I fear will never see the light of the sun, I hear your heart
beat. Then I see a silver glow, within that glow a path appears.
Showing me one day I will follow.

I see you always near. Just around the corner,
where my heart dwells.

©J.C. Stewart~*~October 31, 2006

I look into eyes time has gentled with love
and I feel a heart I want always to be near
I hear the winds whisper of times yet to be
and I listen to a voice I want always to hear

but I feel too a bond that will never be broken
and I hear the wind whisper softly it will be
even when we are apart we are connected still
by a love that will stand the test of all eternity

though you have traveled on and I yet remain
i still feel your touch on my heart and my soul
and I feel your love soft and warm around me
and I know that what we have will never die

©Candace 2/1/06

Music~*~Faith Hill~*~There You'll Be~*~

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