He was an extremely special Pomeranian. And he
was my son. Tater-Tot was born 12-02-91
and left us to soon on 03-03-07, he was
15 years 3 months and 1 day when I lost him. I had
him since he was 2 months old. He was my
life and was always there for me, no matter what,
and especially when I was not feeling very
good. One of his many favorite things to do
was to go for car rides, I am a non driver and he
always knew when it was Friday because
that is when my boyfriend would come down and
Tater-Tot would look at all the cars when I took him
out looking for Art's (boyfriend) car. And he
was at the door to greet him and ready to go
for a car ride. No matter the weather
conditions, he did not want to come in the house after
his walks. He always left a lasting
impression on everyone he came in contact with.
Tater-Tot always had a smile, and when he would look
at you, you would just melt and there was no
way that you could ignore him. His vet told us
that he was a celebrity there. And all the
doctor's, tech's and staff all knew Tater-Tot without
having to look at his name tag. When I
would bring him in, I would set him on the
counter and he would lay there and everyone would
talk to him. And after he got groomed which
was once a month he would prance around
as to say look at me don't I look
handsome. In the picture of Tater-Tot, me and the cat,
the cat's name was Oscar, and that was his
best friend, they grew up together and would
play together. Tater-Tot at times acted like his
buddy Oscar. Oscar passed away 01-26-05,
and I had him for 15 years. Tater-Tot will
always be in my thoughts and my heart and
will never be forgotten. He was the love of my life
and my pride and joy.

By Neil Diamond

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