These beings are no less than whole-souled people. They love, live and dream
with equal passion. Yet inside of them is a yearning, a longing, and a feeling of never being quite complete.
They search the universe for their other half. Some may seem to fit, as many souls have similar
resonances. However, these half-matches always end in tears, or worse still, a loveless existence.
When two soulmates meet, there is an instant connection. They may not immediately realize that
they have met their other half, but the undercurrent will always be there and it can never be
escaped. And when the soulmates realize what they are to each other, joy is theirs. The two halves
are united as one in a perfect match, both spiritual and physical. There can never be anyone else.
If soulmates become close enough, their minds become linked. They unconsciously echo each others'
thoughts, or intuitively know what the other is thinking. And finally, when one of them dies, one of
two things may happen. The essence of the one gone may remain within the one who still lives, and
they both know they will be reunited in the future. On some occasions, the shock of physical loss is
too great for the living partner, who will die soonafter. But when one dies and the full potential of the
relationship has not been ever fulfilled, grief will haunt the half-soul for the rest of his or her days.
They can never overcome the darkness, not until they have succumbed to darkness themselves.

What Is A Soulmate

According to legends and historical beliefs we begin our journey together as one
form that get split apart, when this happens the two souls move seperately into their own journeys.
As we go on with our own seperate lives we seek for our soulmate that was molded as our perfect match
. Soulmates have a world of understanding that doesnt need to shared with any words. They are never
destroyed by jealousy or anger. Soulmates can even reach a level of psychic communication.
There are levels to go through, you will meet people in our lives who have truly touched your soul,
but the soulmate goes past the soul and becomes complete.
A soulmate knows your moods and signs without asking. "Love Making" is made through intense
emotional feeling, you go into a world only that only you and your soulmate exsist in. A soulmate
can see you across the room and know that they are saying "I Love You". You spend hours and
hours and put everything else in the world aside to "Love" one another.

~*~ ~*~

Dedicated to Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade. Soulmate of David Lee Dade

When You Come Back To Me
By Garth Brooks

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