Dearly Missed
10-15-89 thru 5-17-06
Forever in Our Hearts

No yelling,
Soft spoken words were all you could bear.
Prissy, full of dignity,
Everyone else misunderstood,
They thought you were aloof,
I always saw the good.
You felt safe with me,
My gentle little kitten,
From the time I first held you,
I was completely smitten!
There was a lot that you kept private,
Like how you loved to play,
Jump through the air, roll on your back,
Any time of day.
A lover, not a hater,
You were sensitive and tender,
When it came to compassion,
You were a giver, not a lender.
Always my sweet baby girl,
No matter how old you got,
You were always there for me,
Even when others were not.
You jumped to my defense,
Whenever you perceived attack,
Although afraid of your own shadow,
You always had my back.
I watched as you matured,
We moved around a lot,
You saw me through my highs and lows,
Judgmental you were not.
You finally saw me settled and happy,
With a man who loved us both,
A loving home thatís permanent,
To you I made this oath.
You were getting older,
Your age began to show,
I tried to keep you comfortable,
Your health was getting low.
When you finally faltered,
I was right there by your side,
Taking care of your every need,
Together, we really tried.
Prognosis was less than a month,
The treatments werenít fun,
I know your days were numbered,
For three months we fought and won.
As you fought to stay here,
I did all I could to help you,
I respected your decision,
When you told me you were through.
You were tired from the fight,
You gave it all you had,
I told you it was OK to go,
Donít worry that Iím sad.
All night I stayed with you,
The time had finally come,
We went together as a family,
And held you Ďtil it was done.
As we pick up the piecesÖ,
Through all the stops and starts,
Please know we dearly miss you,
Youíre forever in our hearts.

I gaze at your rainbow resting place and wish you peaceful dreams
I keep you near for in our dreams we touch, again floating on the stars
You are the face that is in my dreams as I call your name
Come to me my Angel ease my heart and mind that you are near
To see you amongst the loves of my heart family, never alone
Dream glances of peaceful angels of the Rainbow.

I awaken from joyful dreams of seeing you standing strong
To gaze at your Rainbow resting place, Till we meet in our dreams
When the stars come out and guide me to you. I wish you good morning
My gentle one. God holds you safe in the palm of his hand
Till my arms can hold you , never to let go.
Held in my heart, in dreams we will always touch.
A Rainbow dance of reunion.

Till we cross together my Sweet Girl.

©J.C. Stewart~*~BarTendersBluesWolf
August, 2006

Music~*~The O Neill Brothers Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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