We will build for you a tribute/memorial page free of charge.
Send us your favorite pictures of your beloved bridge angel
and any words about them and your life with them that you would like to have put on their page.
Include a choice of several songs and we will try to find one in midi form for the page.
We can put your fur angels picture in many formats on the page
and use your words along with poetry and music to hopefully give
your fur angel a lasting memorial that will give you comfort in the years to come.
We would be most honored to design such a tribute for you.
.For as the song says memories are made of this./
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When I think of you now my heart is full of love.
Thoughts drift to the place where you wait for me above.
I know there are meadows lush and green.
Where all can rest by a quiet stream.

Just beyone the rainbiow where the sun shines warm and flowers bloom so sweet.
There is a place so beautiful where one day you and I will meet.
Till then I know you will ve happy waiting there.
And feel at peace knowing you can run and play without a care.

Looking back at life with you brings pictures to my mind.
heppy moments mixed with love our hearts were so entwined
Like a slide show ever present running through my lonely heart.
Help me remember you are still with me and we will never part.

Time has gone by so quickly and all to soon I am left alone.
I wish with all my heart that you could be here in what was once our happy home.
Then as if by magic your sweet face i see in the mirror of my heart.
Looking back at me with only love to let me know we will never be apart.

Roses blooming in summer sun fragrent ever sweet.
Remind me of our special love till once again we meet
Soft as the simple beauty of the rose that blooms each day anew.
So is the love I feel deep within my heart for you.


Misty memories brought to life and captured for all time.
Never will time erase my love for I am yours and you are mine.
I see your lovely face and my heart is glad for time spent with only you.
These lovely memories of our time will help to see me through.


Three hearts beating as one seperate but yet so close time can not seperate.
If granted in my life one wish then it would be that while i must stay and wait.
I could hold the memory of us together in one picture till we once more may meet.
That picture will carry me along lifes path with memories so sweet.

My empty arms long to hold you just once more while we are so far apart.
So till the day i can hold you in my arms I will hold you in my heart.