We are a team that trandsends through time
No one knows you better then I
No one knows me better then you
My paw prints shall always walk by your side
Each step you take I am there
Each time your heat speaks to me, I hear
Hear me whisper back of my love
I knew in a heart beat how I could help you
To return to you the true love you give to me
A love always and forever
Red roses to you in your dreams
We are a team that transends through space
United for all times
Trust unbroken, forever given
I send you my heart in the scent of the rose

ŠJ.C. Stewart aka BarTendersBluesWolf

Have you ever stopped to wonder?
Why people come into your life
How you can give back to them
When they give so much to you
The words Thank you seem so small
When others have lifted you from lonliness
Shown you that there is so much more to you then you knew

You feel like I have known this person before
Many have walked with you before in another time and place
Life is a never ending journey
Changing forms as we go, changing places
Our loves remain by us
Have you ever just met someone
And known right away so much about them
From a single look, a single touch of gentle fingers
A voice so familar bringing back memories of family
Of the warmth of home

Never wonder why
Know it is meant to be
People come into your life and are always there
They never leave it, but are in your heart always and forever
There is a silver thread that joins us
By being near and reaching out
You give back so much
Even with the simple words Thank you
These words say more then you know
Their gift of self has been accepted
When they look into your shinning eyes
They know that you feel whole again
Have you ever thought that they feel the same about you
Wondering how to thank you for being you

Heart family is like the petals of a carnation
Intertwining with each other
You can not see where one begins and the other ends
Standing tall upon a tall stem standing proud
Needing each other to be whole

So many colours of the rainbow I see in each one's face
Each one reaching out and joining hands
Reaching out in many ways
Hearts reaching out, touching souls,
Wounded hearts feeling gentle caring fingers

Each night as I close my eyes
I think of each one I hold dear
I say a prayer for them
I say good night and send my heart to them
I ask the White Wolf to stand over them
To bring them dreams of joy and love

My family of the heart, I thank you
My mate I give you my love
For never has there been a more caring Mate then you
When I think of you the first word I think of is love

Know that as each one comes into your life
They take with them the good you give, the love you give
And hold it close, so they can take another step
Face another day, knowing somewhere out there
Is someone else who cares

ŠJ.C. Stewart~BarTendersBluesWolf~

Music~*~Tracy Byrd~*~Keeper Of The Stars~*~

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