A Mighty Bolt of Lightning

And once again a mighty bolt of lightning split asunder the peaceful, cloudless evening, and a great clap
of thunder rolled across the heavens and encompassed the entire world. The loudness of the thunder
was awesome to hear, but it woke only a very select special few across the world. As they awoke,
some went outside, and some looked through their windows and then rushed outside to stand in their
yards. A gentle warm and soft breeze had began to blow and it felt to these few a mystic quality only
those who truly care could feel. Then, suddenly without warning another great bolt of lightning ripped
across the heavens and lit up the midnight sky with a brilliance none had ever seen. As the glow from
above began to recede a bright glowing circle of light appeared and could be seen, above it, it was
topped by the most beautiful rainbow any have ever had the fortune to behold with every spectrum of
color imaginable. The night seemed to have an ethereal quality about it. Was it the Great Spirit? Was it
the evil one? With bated breath these selected watched the skies, then suddenly there appeared a
vision of a four legged black warrior with the white crest of what seemed to be the thunderbird emblazoned
across the deep chest like a great badge of freedom. Upon this warriors back there rode a sleeping gray
kitty with bands of white, and a crybaby standing by it’s side. As in awe, two people standing side by side
saw this vision of beauty, then a great golden warrior appeared, and upon his back there stood a black
kitty riding in the breeze. The golden one stood three feet to the left of the other mighty warrior.
Silence now filled the night as all stood in wonderment, then twenty two, one by one pranced proudly
up behind these two, and each was carrying a rider. As they all stood there silently with beautiful teeth
smiling down, there drifted ever so slowly and gently around the group a figure to stagger the imagination.
A great silver wolf appeared and pranced into the gap left by the black one and the golden one, and they
turned their heads gracefully to look at him. Upon the back of this silver warrior there rode the most
beautiful orange gold, green eyed kitten, a vision of beauty in the glowing midnight circle of light.
Then as all these visions of greatness with each one a rider on his back looked forward again there
came their voices in soft beautiful tones of harmony and rhythm, “Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy, we just wanted
to let you know we are safe and well, and we love you and we are waiting until that day. The white one
who rides the four winds of love, happiness, peace, and sorrow with his faithful companions gathered us
here to send you this special message. Guilt you must never feel and sorrow you must overcome with
the use of the first three winds. We must now leave you, but in your hearts and minds we shall ever
dwell. The one known only as wolf, said. We are the first fifty that the one all of you know has joined
together for all time”. The figures began to slowly diminish into the distance of the heavens, but the
brilliant white light remained and grew smaller and smaller until it became the bright twinkling glow of a
brand new star in the sky. Across the world all slept except this group of special mommies and daddies
and the tears fell freely and unashamedly from the eyes of those that cared.
Simply written by one who is there and cares.

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