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Healing Poems
Poems by K. Hayes
Poems by C. Ross
Poems by J. Stewart
Poems by Candace
A Million Times I miss You
I Stood By Your Bed
Memories Of You-Helen Lee Godfrey
ShiShi-Don And Linda Dade
A Loan From God
An Assignment From God-Rebecca Folse
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Heaven Sent
A View Of Love-Don Dade
The Singing Wind-Marge Tindal
I'm Still Here
Thank You For Letting Me Go
Lend A Pup
Meidicine Wolf-Mechega
A Memory Of You-Kiristi A Dryer, MD, MS
The Messenger-Kristi (Angel Scribe)
Moon when Wolves Run Together-Joe Bruchac & John London
Things we Can Learn From A pupper
I watch You Go- Susannah Thompson
Feelings- K. Hayes
Light of a Clear Blue Morning- J. Stewart
The Standard ~ For Papa - Candace
More Poems
Rainbow Bridge Stories
Pankanli's Quest for the Rainbow Bridge
Pankanli-Their Great Love
The Power of Pankanli's Love
RunningWolf Goes to the Rainbow Bridge
Animal's Eden
The Rainbow Bridge
The Rescuer
Welcome At Rainbow Bridge-The Pupper Verson
Welcome At Rainbow Bridge-The Kitty Verson
I'll Be At The Bridge When You Get There
Do Dog's Go To Heaven?
Love On The Rays Of The Sun
Rainbow Bridge
At Rainbow Bridge
Voices From Above
At The End Of The RainBow
Greetings From Rainbow Bridge
God's Call
Awakening At The Bridge
The Gift
The Beginning


Odes to ShiShi
Tales of the Garden
A Mighty Bolt of Lightning
Silver Star
The LoneWolf
Wolf Tales

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