Immortal Storm
Written By Don Dade

A Daughter, A Mother, A Sister, An Aunt.
Remembered now with much love as in life she was.

Portrait Of A Life

When a child comes into this world they are a joy to all.
Parents filled with pride and dreams of what will someday be.
Each joy and sorrow felt with every step and fall.
Paint a portrait of their lives for all the world to see.

Time goes by so quickly and all to soon they grow.
Starting a new life with one they dearly love.
What the future brings no one can truely know.
But angels watching over protect them from above.

One day with children of their own.
They will fully understand..
That soon they also will be grown.
Their future in Gods loving hand.

As daughter sister wife and mother you fulfilled the dreams
Beyond all expectations and with with pride in all you've done.
Those blessed to be a part of life with you it seems.
Destined now to only memories of a truely special oine

Our dearest one now gone from earth.
You shall be ever present in our heart.
For from the rejoicing of your birth.
You were a blessing from the start.

All who knew your kindness,your loving gentle smile.
The love within your heart that shown upon your face.
Are drifting back in memories and lingering for a while
And longing for future days with you in another time and place.

©~ Kathy Hayes~Aurichwolf~aka~Katie~

A Dream

I had a dream last night that felt so real
Tears had been flowing from a grieving heart through
my eyes. Tears that had called out for you
Then I felt a gentle touch upon my cheek
I opened grief filled eyes to look into yours
you smiled at me, a smile that glowed so bright
You leaned down to brush your lips against my eyes
to bring healing to my heart.

You looked deeply into my eyes to make sure
I understood your words. As you spoke I felt the warmth
of your breath against my cheek. You spoke of the joy
that we will always have in the memories we share.
You held me while I cried for what was, That I
prayed for again every night. You had heard these
prayers and told me it always will be. That you had not
left me. You are always near.

I had a dream that felt so real, that when I awoke
I saw you standing near. With a gentle smile
and a loving kissing you entered my heart.

©Jaqueline Suzanne MacStewart
aka BarTendersBluesWolf, 2007


I look into the mirror with red-rimmed eyes
And see pain filled eyes looking back at me,
The pain in my soul and a deep sense of loss
Color my perception of the person that I see.

Slowly vision shifts and I see someone else,
The person that I was before we ever met.
And as I watch over time I see the changes,
Gifts that your presence and love did beget.

And I feel a soothing touch brush me lightly,
And I feel a calming warmth touch my soul,
And I see there looking back in the mirror,
The parts of you in me that make me whole.

As long as I am here your light will go on,
The parts that are you are the best parts of me.
I know in my heart I am better for you love,
I know who you are has set my spirit free.

The vessel that had held your light is shattered.
You have traveled ahead, your tasks here done.
For now you watch over and guide me with love,
Until the day we travel on forever more as one.

©Candace 6/1/07

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