Last year on Fatherís Day I came home to a horrible scene,
I could not sleep; I called you all night as if in a dream,
But it was the most awful thing I found the next day.
Iíll never understand how someone could hurt you that way.
How did you ever manage to drag yourself home?
I felt so bad that you had been through this alone.
I rushed you to the hospital as fast as I could,
And you received the best and kindest care as I knew you would.
I thought for sure that you would make it through.
I prayed and prayed and I went every day to visit you.
But as the days went by, I could tell you were asking me to let you go,
Mom, Iím not going to make it; I really hurt; the look in your eyes told me so.
I feel like I was cheated; you were so very young,
I loved you so much; our time together had only just begun.
Why oh why were you taken from me?
Sometimes I still cry so hard that I cannot see.
My sweet baby Drew, you were so very brave,
Your spirit lives on in those you have saved.
Youíre on the Rainbow Bridge now; your little body is healthy and whole,
And you are happily running through the meadows and knolls.
Iím sure you are sunning yourself as you liked to do,
On the black plastic in the garden under a sky so blue.
Happy One Year Bridge Day, my beautiful little baby Drew,
My heart still aches for you and now Kahn has joined you too.
He will be laid to rest next to you today,
And I know for sure, you will show him the way.
So together you, Kahn and all my other furbabies can say,
We love you mom and weíll see you again someday.

Written by: Barbara De Year-2006

Not long after I lost my baby Drew,
You came into my life and this I knew,
She had sent you and your babies to me,
To help heal my hurting heart and comfort me.
You made me smile again when I thought I never would,
And you loved me like no other could.
Every day since you went away I feel such pain in my heart,
For you gave me such joy and happiness right from the start.
I cannot believe that you are really gone
And I am doing my best to be strong.
Peekaboo and Sandy look for you every day
And I tell them Iím sorry my girls, I donít know what else to say.
The not knowing where you are is the hardest part for me
And all I can hope is that you are safe and happy.
I will never stop praying that you come back home
Because you are one of the most beautiful babies I have ever known.
So my Maddy girl know that I love you and I think about you all the time
And I thank God for bringing you into my life along with the sunshine.


My heart cries out so often
One more look, one last touch
Let me hold that silky one again
To feel that warmth again
To look into those trusting eyes of love
My ears yearn to hear your call
To awaken from this dream
And find them there beside me
Then whispers come to my heart
I hear that beloved voice again
In the winds that caress my soul
When I look into the eyes of one
Who has reached out to me
I look into your trusting eyes of love again
My hands and arms let you go
You are forever in my heart
There will come a time when
My work is done that I
Shall awaken at the Bridge
Look into the distance
And see all are strong and healthy
Then one who has been waiting
Will raise his head and come running
Running to my arms
Again to feel that silky warmth again
Will look into the eyes of love
Here you are by my side
Silver tears shall fall upon silky fur
My arms shall hold you again
I shall take with me the love
From the ones here who have yet to follow
And tell those who wait , you are loved

©J.C. Stewart~BarTendersBluesWolf
May 19, 2006.

Music~*~I Believe