In The Arms Of An Angel
By Sarah McLachlan

A Horse Called Music
By Willie Nelson

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    August 18, 2006, the day I was out watering and saw my son David
    open the door of his Explorer,
    holding his stomach and face distorted in pain.
    I called out to him to wait, and walked over.
    I asked him where he was going. He said,
    "To the emergency room". I said, "I will take you".
    He said, "That might be better". So I drove him to the ER
    where they took him into a back room and hooked him up to things.
    I had left the water on and our puppers out in the yard,
    so I told him I would go home and feed the puppers and put them back
    into their pen, and turn the water off, then I would be back.
    When i got back they had run some tests on him and found
    that he had cancer of the liver. This was a secondary cancer;
    they could not find the primary. Later on at Sunrise Hospital
    they discovered the primary to be the pancreas.
    His cancer doctor had given him six months without chemotherapy.
    So we opted to do it. Not quite 3 months later he died.
    His finance Samantha was with him. I had gone back home
    to make him a cane he wanted like mine.

    Sammie later told me that just before he breathed his
    last breath that one silver tear slid down his left cheek.
    She called my wife and told her. When SheWolf woke me up, I went
    hysterical. I should have been there, and I was not.
    I did get to kiss him and say goodbye however.

    This page then is intended as a secondary index to
    all the pages everyone lovingly made for
    David Lee Dade, our beloved.

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