My life with coco started six years ago. a friend of my son
had just got two pomeranians, and had stoped by
our house to show them off. I though they were just
the cutest things.the friend told me they were given
to him from a breeder in Robbinsville N.C. and that
they had one more if I wanted it.

At the time my brother had just died a few months before and
I was still sad over that. So my husband told me to go
ahead and get this dog if I wanted it. We made
arrangements to go get her that weekend.

The weekend came and we drove to North Carolina to get
her. When we got there the lady told me coco was
three years old and was in a pen out back. When we
got out back there was this pen about 10x12 with
about 25 or 30 poms of all ages. She went in and
brought out this very round hair could tell
she was really scared. She told me to keep a leash on
her when I got her home or she would run away and
gave me her papers and with that we were on our
way home.

I held her in my lap on the way and talked to her and petted
her trying to settle her down. She got sick on my
lap and was so scared she was in trouble, but i just
told her it was going to be alright. When we got home
she was still so afraid of everyone and tried to
find a corner to hide in. I went to her and talked to her
for a long time, Offered her some food ,and than
gave her a bath, she smelled really bad. All this time everyone
tried to pet her but she didn't want anyone but
me to be near her. Don't get me wrong she never
tried to bite or growl at anyone , but you could tell
she was so scared.

The next day I took her out on the leash and she was so
good on it, wanted to stay right by my side . So I took the
leash off to see what she would do. She stayed right by
my side. From that day on she was always right by
my side, didn't matter what I did or where I went she
was right there with me. But she never liked to ride
so I let her stay at home when I went some where,
but she watched for me by the window till I came
back. You would have though that after a while
she would let my husband and others pet her, feed
her or let her out, But no she only let me.she always
shied away from everyone else.

She was my baby and we loved each other so
much, everyone said they had never seen anything like it, We
were so close.she was my clock in the morning and
always had kisses for me, And everynite I held her
close and kissed her good nite. She slap at the head
of the bed on my side of course. and from day one
she never used the bathroom in the house. I kind of
though she would cause she was all ways outside before.

I had her spayed cause I didn't want her to have anymore
babies. I just wanted to love her and love her I
did. I tried to put her on a diet but I didn't have much
luck at that. she weighed 21 pds. but it didn't seem to
bother her.

She had her little ways like when we went to bed I had to go
into the bedroom first, but than she would get in front
so she would be first in the bathroom. Laying by my
feet when I was on the computer. she knew the
sound it made when I turned it off. She would lay at my feet while I
was sewing, making it hard to use the peddle. The way
she would look when she wanted to go pee-
pee. Everyone said she was the only one that could pee-
pee on demand. Cause if I asked her she would really try
it didn't matter if she didn't have to , she tried anyway.
Coco had a place in every room I was in and waited for me to
finish what ever i was doing to go to the next
room. She didn't like baths very much so when I took my bath
she would come over to see if I was OK, Then she
would go back to her spot and wait for me . If she
though I was taking to long she would come over
again and put her head over the tub as if to say
come on you've been in long enough.

Her papers said her real full name was choc-a-lot-of-love,
but she was coco to me and the name suited her
to, Cause she loved chocolate, I never let her have much
cause I knew it was bad for dogs, but everyone once in
a while I would give her a bite.

she loved ice cream to, the whole time I had her I don't think I
ever had a bowl to myself always had to share with
her, and most times she had more than me.

There was one time, about a year after I got her that I was
going to cut her hair, It was summer and very hot
that year. and she was having a hard time with the heat.
Well I have never cut a dogs hair before but i though how
hard could it I took her outside and began to
cut, I had her so messed up by the time I was
done, she looked really bad and to make things worse she
knew it. You could tell by the way she acted that it
hurt her feeling to look like that, and it took a long time
for it to grow back. Needless to say I didn't try that
again for a long time, always took her to vet to have
her clipped. But they did show me how to do it so
after a very long time I started clipping her myself the
right way lol.

There are so many things about my coco and I am so afraid
I will forget some of the little things about her, She
was my life, my soul mate, my best friend, and I
wonder how I can get though the days without her. my
hands reach down to feel for her and shes not
there I look for her and sometime call her name
before i think.

Once a year we go on vacation only for about three days. at
first I would get my sister to come stay with her but
that didn't work out so I started boarding her at out
vets. But she would never eat and hated to be there. This year
I though I would leave her home but have a friend
come by two times a day, to make sure she had plenty to
eat and drink and take her out. I though for sure she
would be better off. She would be at home where she
knew she was safe. But I guess i was wrong, when
we got back that Sunday nite she was so sick, I
was going to take her to vet first thing Monday, I
woke up and checked on her and she seemed
to be resting better so I went back to sleep for
half an hour, When I checked on her again she was
gone. I stayed by her for hours telling her it was my
fault she died. I should have taken her to vet as
soon as I got home, I should have never gone back to sleep, I
feel so guilty for not being there for her. I really didn't
think she was that sick. I didn't know she would
die. I loved her so much I want her back here with me

. I hope shes happy at rainbow bridge and not scared
anymore, I hope she has lots of friends to play with but most
of all I hope she know how much I loved her and
need her, Still need her so much, I hope she never
forgets me as I won't ever forget her, and I hope
she there when its my time to go to the
bridge, waiting with that sweet little face of hers.
For six years she felled my life with so much love and
devotion that I never dream possible. she was my baby girl,
my coco pop. she was my best friend.

She came into my life march, 2001 she left me 9-11-2006
she was nine and a half years old . and when she
left she took my heart, And left this house so empty I
love you coco and I miss you so much , please don't
ever leave me, stay close by my side, let me feel you
beside me cause I need you so much

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