~*~ Alan Parsons & Beverley Craven ~ The Very Last Time ~*~

A Father's Love

I hold out a tentative, trembling hand,
So many questions, hopes, and fears
I know - my hand in yours I am safe
I can trust you to calm all of my tears

Arms that encircle with gentle love
A heart that shares all of life's joys
A mind to teach mine with patience
And shows me how to open life's doors

Eyes that share the beauty of life
A hand holding mine setting me free
Feet that lead me to explore and learn
A soul that encourages me to be me

I hold out a tentative, trembling hand,
So many questions, hopes, and fears
I know - my hand in yours I am safe
I can trust you to calm all of my tears

(c) Candace

For Papa (The Standard)

His words glowed with love saying what he didn't say,
"I will strive to be like him in what I do each day."
In my time I have met good men, honest and true.
Some brave and smart, but those admired were few.

Some I thought highly of, but would never strive to be
Some having met, I hope not again to see.
As I listened to him speak so gently of his dad,
I could see and feel the bond of love he had.

I understand, for some of my proudest times have been
When other say of me "you seem so much like him."
There is no greater tribute to any father than
That he is the measure for his children of a man.

© Candace

Life’s Journey

Life’s journey is a winding path and we may only go forward,
We may not pause our time, we cannot travel in reverse.
We’ve one chance to sing our song, one chance to be heard
One chance to touch the music, find the wonder in each verse

As you walk the path that is your own journey
You will come to a fork in the road of your life
What lies at the end of each you cannot clearly see
You can only guess which may be filled with strife.

One path you know is safer, though it must be walked alone.
It offers no risk or danger, and it asks nothing in return.
It’s a vista cold and bland, with no warmth, or love, or home.
Your heart will never break here, love it will not learn.

The other path’s less certain, for shared it has to be,
And when you start you do not know just how far it goes.
Will you take my hand, dear friend, walk the path with me?
We’ll share the beauty and the tears only tomorrow knows.

This path is filled with many things, two sides to each one,
And together we will decide which we choose to employ.
Some choices will lead to darkness, others lead to the sun
Sometimes we will find sadness, sometimes we will find joy.

The shared path is filled with magic and wonder and love,
You risk heartbreak and pain, and at times your tears may fall.
On this path lie the warmth and richest blessings from above.
Or you can choose the safer path, but then you never live at all

© Candace

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