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Thank You

We had our boy for 17 years 5 months. We had just took a walk into a pet store and I was very upset because 3 weeks before I lost my beautiful boy Max. He liked to go for walks and we had just moved. He got hit with a car and took us three days to find him {{{My Little Max.}}}.

Anyway we were walking through the store ,when there in the middle of the isle was a tall box with about 5 kittens. Four were curled up sleeping but this one little guy was doing everything he could to crawl up the side. He was meowing as loud as he could. My boyfriend (Brian) reached down and picked him up. He was so tiny ,dirty and his little eyes were almost closed due to the crust that covered them. He said we have to take him or he will not get a chance.

Well, we took the little guy home and put him on the floor . My dog Betsy just laid down and started to clean him. It was love at first sight for the two of them. We didn't know at the time but somewhere in him first 4-5 weeks of his life ,this poor little guy had a fractured front leg. So he always walked with a limp. It didn't not stop our new little kitten that we called Schooch. He had a her pie virus so for the next four months he was on meds. The vet told us at the time ,most people would just put him to sleep . This little kitten meow so loud we just knew he had a lot of living to do. Seventeen years 5 months later we had to help him on his way to Rainbow Bridge.

Schooch was a very special boy and he had the most wonderful life any cat could have. He did have a lot of issues in his life but he met each challenge with lots of spirit. He did lots of talking and I know he liked to sing his praises nightly and early morning. Even as he went to get a drink of water he would always meow four times and then he would paddle with his little paw outside of the dish. Schooch was special in so many ways he made your heart sing.

His dad and him had this game they played. Dad would hold the very end of Schooch`s tail and Schooch would growl and sing as loud as he could. It was funny to watch this game as Schooch would never try to pull his tail free because he just would wait for his dad to let it go.. He would almost howl and then he would swat at him. Then lay between his legs to have a little cat nap. It was the same when he went to the vet some times a new one would come to check him out and they would back away. Our regular vet would laugh at him she said he growls and growls but he never offers to scratch or bite he just likes to hear himself.

Monday morning at 9:50 on Jan.9 2012 our little king faded out of his old wore out body and crawled into his new young healthy body. As he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. I could feel his little heart go with Peace .His little leg is now the same size no more limping, his beautiful eyes are not cloudy anymore . He can run jump and meow as loud as he likes with out getting tired. He will be rolling around in that catnip just like he use to do. His family mama dog Betsy ,brother Mick and his friend Becky dog were waiting for him. I know he is happy to be young and healthy for he never was here.

Schooch I don't have to tell you how much mom and dad miss you or how much we loved you cause you know. I will say thank you for picking us to share your time here with. Daddy is having a hard time because he dosen`t have you to sleep with but we both knew , you were telling us was time. Have a wonderful time sweet boy, come visit us in our dreams to let us know you are well.

We will miss you forever and love you one day more. Till we are together again. I cried a tear into the sea and when you fine it we will stop loving you.

Love : Momma, Daddy, Mitzy, Trey and new brother Lobo

Dear sweet little Schooch
Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us.
Thank you for staying with us for all these years .
So many times you could have left us
But you fought every time so hard to stay with us.
What a brave boy you are
We loved you from the start with every bit of our heart
You were so very small but you stole our hearts
I remember you could barely walk
But you sure knew how to talk.
What a special boy you were all those seventeen years.
Not once did you ever let us down ,you were the perfect boy.
You made us smile and laugh so
many times as you raced around the house.
You made our hearts sing with so much love.
You were our most loving little king
Thank you once again.
Today you are with all our Fur
Angel Family. Your mama dog Betsy,
Your special baby brother Mick
and you wonderful friend Becky dog.
Momma wants you to be happy.
Play and enjoy your new little body.
You were perfect in our eyes
but now you have a perfect body too.
No more short leg and you don`t have a limp anymore.
Your big beautiful eyes are not cloudy and gray
but shiny and bright and you can see for miles.
It was so awful the last day,
when we helped you on your way
Rainbow Bridge was where you had to be..
And as you took your last breath,
part of our heart stopped with yours.
Then I felt your peace. We knew you were
so sick and tired and it was time for you to go.
I could almost see you as you crawled
out of that old wore out little body.
I could almost see you run into the new young healthy one.
You are free of sickness and pain.
No more tummy upsets and upchucking.
Baby boy we didn`t want to let you go.
But we loved you too much too make you stay.
Meow, meow, really loud now so we can hear you once again.
We love you so much baby boy.
We will keep you and your beautiful memories
in our heart until the day we meet again.

Hugs and kisses
Momma Daddy Mitzy Trey Muggins and Lobo Kitty

In the stillness of the night
I listen for you
I listen in the darkness without any light
For the sound of your tiny foot steps
As you climb the stairs
I close my eyes and listen with all my might
I want to hear you meow like you always do

In the brightness of the day
I look at where you always lay
In the afternoon where the sun shines on the floor
I wait for you to walk in by that door
I look where you laid in the sun or in the chair
If only you were still there

Our sweet little Schooch
Our hearts are so full of hurt
So hard to talk about you dear Schooch
As I hold your picture close to my heart
I whisper I love you...I am listening for you
Nite, nite Sweetheart

By: Momma (Kath aka housecat wolf) 2012

Momma, I have not left you.
I am here, but in a different way.
I wanted to say thank you.
For the life I had because you cared.
For the life I had because you wanted me.
Even though I was ill and broken when you took me.
You cared for me through many trials.
And many difficult times health wise.
You Loved Me And Again I Thank you.
I give you whisker kisses as the
morning sun falls upon your cheek.
I rub against you in the gentle breeze of the day.
Listen carefully you will hear
my meows with the singing birds
And shine my love down upon
you as a special star in the night sky.
Momma I have not left you.
Thank you, I love you.
We will meet again, I promise
I ask at this time only one thing.
Allow your heart to open to love
again as you did for me.
Your special Little Scooch

(c) ShelterWolf Aka
Jerry Marchand

Light a candle in Schooch's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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