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I was so excited to get a dog, a boxer, and we finally found one in December 2005. We couldn't have been more excited. We already knew his name, Oliver. We paid for him and the date was set to pick him up....January, 2006. The date is forever ingrained in my memory because this is also the day we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. At the time I was working as a surveillance investigator and I would often take Oliver to work with me. He would ride along in his little bed and he absolutely would love when we would stay in hotels because he loved to sleep in the bottom of the hotel nightstands. Eventually I became too pregnant to continue working as a surveillance investigator, so I took a new position that allowed Oliver and myself to work from. Needless to say we both enjoyed the change.

I was nervous about having a puppy and a newborn at the same time, but soon enough my fears turned to complete joy and happiness. Our son TJ was born in late 2006 and somehow Oliver knew that this was a baby and his baby to protect. He would never let anyone get in reaching distance of our son. He would lay in front of the car seat or where ever TJ was and not let anyone get even close to being able to touch "his baby". TJ and Oliver were best of friends. Oliver was still a puppy, but yet was wise beyond his years as TJ would pull on his ears or lay on top of Oliver and Oliver would not move a muscle or even flinch because this was "his baby" and anything TJ did was okay with him. TJ used to chase Oliver around with a colander and Oliver would jump and dodge this little toddler's swings. TJ would giggle and roll on the ground with laughter. This game would go on for hours till they both fell asleep on the floor.

Oliver had so many adorable little quirks, like how he couldn't stand candles and could actually blow them out. He loved to pounce on ants like he was a cat. He also loved the snow and would prance through it as if he didn't want to get his paws too deep into the snow, only to dive into a big snow drift and start rolling around in the powdery fluff. He also loved to catch bubbles, so TJ would stand on the deck and blow bubbles and Oliver would be standing directly below him trying to catch everyone right out of the air.

TJ and Oliver both grew so fast and before I knew it TJ was 4, Oliver 5 and we were welcoming our second baby into the family. A daughter. Now I don't know if it was just due to his age or the special bond he had with TJ, but Oliver was never as close or protective of our daughter as he was with TJ.

Oliver died July 17, 2011, after suffering what we believe to be a heat stroke. Our entire family suffered a tragic loss, but especially Oliver's best friend, TJ. Our little boy cannot yet fully grasp the concept of the Rainbow Bridge or that we will meet again, but hopefully Oliver's page will serve as a place where he can go and reflect on the special bond he had with his special dog.

Oliver you were my first "baby" and I will always love you. I will miss you everyday until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until that day you chase as many bubbles as your heart desires, you pounce on those ants and find peace in knowing that you were loved with all our hearts. Don't be scared that we are not there, Oliver, for it will only be a short time that we are separated compared to the eternity that we will spend together.

Light a candle in Oliver's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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