If I Could Be Where You Are

Mocha my darling, my best friend. I can't believe you are gone forever. It seems like only yesterday, you were only a puppy and I was giving you your first bath begging my dad to let me keep you. I have had you since I was 14 years old. You protected me and gave me the company only you could provide. You had a very long life 13 years is a long time for a dog your breed. You were always happy to see me. When you started aging I kept telling myself you will live forever with me. I didn't ever want to face the reality of you leaving me. You meant the world to me and you will never be replaced.

The evening I saw your weakness. It broke my heart you not being able to get up anymore. Crying for help, not eating and looking very sick made me cry. I knew deep down in my heart it was time to say goodbye but my mind was telling me otherwise.

I couldn't stand to watch you suffer anymore so I did what my heart told me to do and that was to send you to the heavens above to see my mom and tell her everything about our time together.

I know we will meet sometime in the future another life maybe? Till then I want you to know that you will always be my Mocha Momma and I Love You Very Much!

Your Mommy Justina

Dear Mocha how can I go on without you
My love, my sweet ,my best friend
I will remember you forever and then a day
On that first day I opened my heart to you
You jumped in with four furry paws
and there you will stay forever and a day
I remember the day we met ,me the kid and
you a puppy long ears and wet kisses.
I remember all the times we laugh and played together
I remembered you protected me
You were the best companion
If I was sad you made me smile
You are the friend that goes on forever.

I saw you growing old at such a fast pace
I tries so hard not to see the age in your face
But when the pain got too much for you
I opened my heart to help you go through
It hurts so much to have to help you
But Mocha I would do anything for you
And I did on that day, I took every bit of love
and took your pain away.
As I helped you on your journey to Rainbow Bridge

Now I am alone with my broken heart
The pain is so dark, my life is nothing any more
But wait! I close my eyes and I see you once more
You are happy, pain free and young again
You are the puppy waiting for the kid.
I hear you say to me
You will come and we will be together one day again
But wait there are others who need looking after
Please do this for me
I will send you one that needs loving, like you gave to me
I want to know that our kind of love will go on forever
There is no guilt for you, you just set me free
The greatest gift you could give was to release me
from my old wore out body and you did.
Thank you sweet friend and do not cry too long
I am here with you and wait for your words as you walk along
Forever I am yours and in your heart I dwell
For in life you loved me most and I was your best friend

Aka By Kathleen Williams

My friend,

You gave me a safe place to live
You gave me food and water
You gave me care throughout my Life
You gave me companionship.
You gave me many hours of play and fun.
You were with me when I was ill
and helped me back to health
You gave me the special bond that only we can share.
And lastly you gave me the gift of
freedom from pain and suffering

And my friend to you I give

Pawprints that will forever be with you.
And My love forever.
As you walk , work, sleep, cry, laugh I am with you.
We are forever together.
Never to be separated.
As you go through each day
look, you will see my Pawprints
They will be in the sand, water, sunshine, snow
But they will always be next to you.
Together we will walk through your life here
And when the time comes.
We will again embrace.
But I ask one thing at this time and it may difficult.
Allow into your heart another of
my kind and give what you gave to me
I love you forever and ever and ever
Pawprints of Love

(c) ShelterWolf Aka
Jerry Marchand

Light a candle in Mocha's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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