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On Jan.25th 1995 a beautiful little girl came to move into our home and hearts. Mitzy was one in a million. She was less than a year old, so the vet thought when she came to us. It was the day that our baby boy was going to be neuter. I was stuck in the drive way in the snow. When I saw this cat walk around the corner of our neighbor's house. I called Schooch is that you? She turned around and started to walk towards our door as Brian opened the door and asked if I was stuck. Mitzy walked right into the house pass the dog and jumped up on a chair and never left. She had all her little pads were worn off all red raw. We took care of her and took her to vet she said may have been frozen or walked on something hot. Had her spade and a clean bill of health. Mitzy was one healthy cat never sick. In the first 10 years she had to have a tooth pulled because it was loose and since she had 7 toes on her left paw and 6 on the right one nail grew through her paw. She had a few spells after she turned 13 or so but Mitzy was awesome. In the past 2 years she would have a bad day every 3 months or so .She would throw up time and time again, drink a lot of water and bring it up. For about 12 hours I took her up to vet got her Sq. fluids and gravol. Wait a few hours and she would be back to her old self. Time went by and we would get blood work done and everything would be normal. Always a great shape for a kitty her age.

Then last week on Tues. Mitzy started to throw up same old thing right. This was not too be as the evening went on. I found her hiding Mitzy had her own space .When she wanted to be alone she would go into her carrier which was in the bathroom. She likes to hang out in there when the grandkids were around or if we baby sat a puppy. Even if the other boy cats were around she would go into her carrier and push the door shut with her nose. She was a very smart kitty. She was our Queen Mittie she ruled over all cats and dogs. Well she was hiding in behind the bath tub and I just knew something was not right. Through the night I was up and down keeping an eye on her. I was scared she would fall down stairs as she just couldn't seem to settle. We took her up to vet on Wed. morning and vet said it look like kidneys but her temp was very low. So they tried to warm her up did blood work an hour later we were told our girl was dying right before our eyes. Liver and kidneys were shutting down. Her liver and kidneys values were over the roof....all her blood work was way out of whack....We went up to spend time with our girl of 17 years 6 month. She was alert and we held her and told her how special she was. How glad she picked us to live with. How much we loved her and thanked her for looking after everyone all these years. The vet came in to help her on her way but I don`t think she had too. For when we laid her on the table on her blanket. She was like a rag doll and she didn`t even twitch when they put the need in. I swear she was almost gone. After she was gone fluid came running out of her little nose. The vet told us that is nasty stuff she said that would be right from her lungs. Our Queen Mittie was gone so quick. We took her home brushed and cleaned her fur. Then I cut a little of her beautiful fur and one of her sweet whiskers off and saved it. We laid her on her little girl blanket in a box and let her boys visit her. Her Mom and Dad kept her till her little body grew cold then we call Angel Heaven (Pet Cremator) to come and pick her up. We had her back by the next night. Mitzy never liked to be away from home and even one day was enough.

She had a great life right from the start. Her Schooch and Betsy (dog) was a family. They played together and made our house a happy home. We lost Betsy and in a few months Becky 2001 came to live with us Then in Sept.3 2002 a new baby boy got to come live with then Mick was there baby. A year later Sept. 2003 another boy found his way to our door Trey. We lost Betsy at the age of 14 March 2001, Mick(5) Oct.1st 2007 Becky (14)left us Aug.25th 2010 ,Schooch(17) in Jan.9th 2012, and now Mitzy is back with all her family. She has them all in her charge again. The Queen Mittie is home.

She was such a funny girl she liked to pick on the dog Becky especially. She would be asleep and she would walk by stop and bite her on the ear or on the paw. Becky would yelp and Mitzy would run away and sit down looking like what I didn't do anything. She would wait till Trey was asleep in the chair she would sneak over stand up and give him a cuff with both paws 2-3 times and he would jump back. She would just sit there ...daring him to try something. Her and Schooch well they did there thing all their lives. One would cuff the other whenever they needed it. She liked to nip Muggins on his sore ear but he liked to try to boss her and we knew he couldn`t.

Mitzy didn't let us get away with anything. She would wait her chance and bite us. In her younger days she like to follow us into the bath room and when you least expected it she would bite you on the butt. Later she came and sat next to me on the couch waiting for a treat or to eat or needed a fuss. If you didn`t pay attention she would bite you on the arm. It was funny she would open her mouth wide to take a bit and hold on. She never bit really hard ...I would look down and say Well!!!! Then she would let go and wait as if to say Well!!!! Let`s go then. Mitzy had lots of little ways that made us laugh. I have so many stories I could tell you about our awesome little girl. But I have already made her story too long but I had to let you know how special and how loved she is.

Thank you for reading about ..... Mitzy Marlana
Kath, Brian, Trey, Muggins &Lobo Kitty

Light a candle in Mitzy's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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