Whispers On The Wind
Written and copyrighted by Don & Linda Dade,
Published by Tin Pan Alley

A view of love.

I have seen the morning sun
rise upon my window panes.
I have seen the glory of the sun
as sets at end of day.
I have seen rebirth in the
beginnings of each new day.
I have heard the sounds cast
in my mind of words unsaid.

On a clear day, I can see
forever in the skies above me.
I have seen the love as soft
eyes gazed gently into mine,
I have known love on four legs,
more so than ever I have two.
I have had the pleasure of time
that stands still in my mind.

I have shared the silver of
the teardrops as they fell,
I have heard the words of
others in much pain.
There have been things I
know left unsaid as time heals,
But I have sensed those
teardrops fall like rain.

It is known the pain of words
written for this heart that hurts,
And words fill the gap that time
has not yet felt the need to erase,
You too have words that you too
have yet to speak or write,
About the great hurt of the tears
that you wet upon your face.

So let we who care share your
pain with you my friends,
Let not ever the glory of the
rainbows shine be for naught.
One day more shall we rise
to smell the beauty of the rose.
And once more in the web of
great love shall we be caught.

Yes you have known the glory of
the sunrise as it burst upon the land,
And seen it slowly drift across the
meadow gently kissed with dew.
You have felt its warming rays
spread and warm your very soul,
And you have known the love
of four legs, just as you have two.

You know this life as it stands
is not without its grief,
So Live on this life that you
know you must fulfill,
Until that day that you are
called upon to go,
And you will see the sunlight
shine again upon your sill.

(c)Don Dade

The Rainbow

After the storm had blown away,
I saw a rainbow up above.
It spoke to me of peace,
It spoke to me of love.

I saw the rainbow glowing,
As it replaced the stormy skies,
I felt a fear down deep inside,
As it reflected in my eyes.

In a shadow I stood there,
Tall and strong and bold,
On my cheeks ran silver teardrops,
Some were new and some were old.

My love for you
Glows in each silver tear,
The colors run together now,
And wipes away my fears.

(c) Lobowolf
aka Don Dade

Whispered Sounds

The sounds drift gently and my soul hears your whispered
words, telling me your always near. You have heard me cry
for one more hug and one more kiss and you have sent
them to me on the wings of an angel. You have seen
me stop and sigh as I see places and remember times
we spent together and you sent me memories to warm
my heart. You have seen my steps falter when I
think I can no longer take another one. You
whisper lean on me I will always walk with you.
You sense the guilt I feel, for none know me better
then you. You send the sun to warm my face
and the rain to wash away the pain. You whisper
let the tears wash the guilt away for you brought me
into your heart and gave me love. You have nothing
to be guilty for. You see me alone and lonely and send
one who needs me as much as I need them. The stars
at night twinkle and tell of the pride you feel for your family.
For in this one with the eyes that only ask for love is
part of you. You have seen me look up into the heavens
and ask why. And you answer me was time. But my heart
is forever with you. I am never gone from you.
In our dreams we meet and touch again.

The sounds drift gently and my soul hears your whispered
words, telling me your always near.

(c) J.C. Stewart Aka

The Gift

I look into eyes time has gentled with love
and I feel a heart I want always to be near
I hear the winds whisper of times yet to be
and I listen to a voice I want always to hear

But I feel too a bond that will never be broken
and I hear the wind whisper softly it will be
Even when we are apart we are connected still
by a love that will stand the test of all eternity

Though you have traveled on and I yet remain
I still feel your touch on my heart and my soul
and I feel your love soft and warm around me
I know that what we have will never die

(c) Candace

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