In The Arms Of The Angels
Sarah Mclachlin

In honor of the GrandeWolf, EdW, and his lady Betsy
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I have seen the morning sun rise upon my window panes.
I have seen the glory of the sun as sets at end of day.
I have seen rebirth in the beginnings of each new day.
I have heard the sounds cast in my mind of words unsaid.

On a clear day, I can see forever in the skies above me.
I have seen the love as soft eyes gazed gently into mine,
I have known love on four legs, more so than ever I have two.
I have had the pleasure of time that stands still in my mind.

I have shared the silver of the teardrops as they fell,
I have heard the words of others in much pain.
There have been things I know left unsaid as time heals,
But I have sensed those teardrops fall like rain.

It is known the pain of words written for this heart that hurts,
And words fill the gap that time has not yet felt the need to erase,
You too have words that you too have yet to speak or write,
About the great hurt of the tears that you wet upon your face.

So let we who care share your pain with you my friends,
Let not ever the glory of the rainbows shine be for naught.
One day more shall we rise to smell the beauty of the rose.
And once more in the web of great love shall we be caught.

Yes you have known the glory of the sunrise as it burst upon the land,
And seen it slowly drift across the meadow gently kissed with dew.
You have felt its warming rays spread and warm your very soul,
And you have known the love of four legs, just as you have two.

You know this life as it stands is not without its grief,
So Live on this life that you know you must fulfill,
Until that day that you are called upon to go,
And you will see the sunlight shine again upon your sill.

(c)LoboWolf 02/04/2006

Pet Loss is a place of healing where those who understand come to reach out to others. Together we grieve and together we heal. We all have our own ways of helping others. Some do with words in verse or heart felt words that they are near. Some do with silent prayers, prayers for anothers peace of heart while the silver tears of their own loss are still flowing. Some do by reading anothers post and sending them wishes of healing. All come here alone and lost, guided here by a fur baby who wishes us to be with others who can touch our very being by being there. All shed silent silver tears for anothers loss.

All here are a family, a heart family brought together by loss and kept together by love. Each has value beyond mention. Each heart that opened up to true love of a soul mate is worth more then the most valued jewel. Each of your hearts glow with the true love of a soul mate. I give my hand to you in friendship and thank you for being my heart family. Petloss is a healing place of caring hearts. so please keep being you and and giving of heart and self.

For what you give in your own special way brings joy and healing to others because you stopped to care and say a silent prayer.

For this I will always be grateful for this family called Pet loss.

(c)BartendersBluesWolf Aka J.C. Stewart

When I feel small, alone, weak and insignificant
Overwhelmed by a world that seems to not care
I reach for the silken threads that surround me
Touching the invisible web I know to be there

Linked not by blood or vocation or even age
Tied by a strong silken thread that we can feel
Bound together by our hearts and our souls
And by a truth, in our heart, we know to be real

The truth that all creatures great and small
Are all a part of the creator's great plan
That each possess a heart, spirit, and soul
And that each is an equal part of the land

It is within this circle of kindred hearts
I can find solace and a place to heal
Knowing here it is safe to bear my soul
In the company of others who feel as I feel

(c) Candace 11/23/04

Sarah Maclaughlin is singing to all of you whose beloved babies
are now in the arms of the angels, waiting for you.

Light a candle in memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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