Phantom of the Opera - Think of Me
Sarah Brightman

To Winston
Rainbow Bridge

Hello my sweet baby boy.

I hope you are doing well at the rainbow bridge...

It has been 3 years since I sent you on that journey. I was very sad for a long time with you gone but I found a wonder website called It was there I met many wonderfull people who also have their furbabys at the bridge too. Im sure you met many and are good friends with everyone.

I only think of the happy times with you, oh my. How you loved carrots and green peppers! I use to say you had a bionic nose.. LOL

All of the trees around the property are so big now. How you loved to do your walkabout stopping here and there at your very favorite trees and when you would run and flop down and do your "inch worm" and roll in the grass and clover.

I know you watch over me from Rainbow Bridge. I guess you know we have a little female Beagle dog now, Casey boy oh boy, she is a pistol!

Im sure you howl with laughter with all of her antics! But I know that it is your love that guides me.

You were a very very special baby boy and no other can take your place.

I love you very much and I will meet you someday when we can continue our journey together.

Love and Kisses

When you look into the summer
sky I am there. When you look into
the eyes of a true friend I am there.
When you hear a song that touches
your heart it is I. When you feel the
sun on your face it is a millon kisses
from me. When someone calls you
friend it is me saying those words to you.

Look into the night sky and see
the stars twinkle back at you it is a
message from me saying find joy, I
want you to be happy and find laughter
in your life. When you give to others
you are giving to me and I am there.
Let other's touch your heart because
I am reaching out to you through them.
When you let someone in you will
see the joy of love and be forever
with me. Love never ends.

Here I am

Aka J.C. Stewart

After the storm had blown away,
I saw a rainbow up above.
It spoke to me of peace,
It spoke to me of love.

I saw the rainbow glowing,
As it replaced the stormy skies,
I felt a fear down deep inside,
As it reflected in my eyes.

In a shadow I stood there,
Tall and strong and bold,
On my cheeks ran silver teardrops,
Some were new and some were old.

My love for you
Glows in each silver tear,
The colors run together now,
And wipes away my fears.

(c) Lobowolf
aka Don Dade

I will always need you, your gentle kindness,
The wisdom you share from life's journey,
The light you shine to banish the darkness,
How you find what is special in me.

I will always hold to your strong hands
And know they gently cradle my heart
As you guide me through life's wilderness
Sharing beauty she alone can impart

I will always listen to the words you share
And see the vision I have seen in your eyes
That the world can become better if we care
And with love we can see a better place arise

I will always feel you here by my side
Guiding me and helping me to stand
There is no obstacle we cannot take in stride
Or distance that cannot be spanned

And even now in time's shifting sands
I know you will ever be there for me
Ever as close as a heartbeat will we stand
No farther than a whisper for all the time to be

So if you walk on ahead to the stardust fields
I will know that you still watch over me
So that you can share the truths that path yields
Where we will all share in eternity

(c) Candace 2/12/09

Light a candle in Winston's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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