Robin Hood

By Jerry Marchand

Tiny and her sister Littlebit were found under a trailer at a campground 15 years ago. They were barely 4 weeks old. Both were pretty sick and it took weeks of care to end up with two little treasures. Tiny used to love to play fetch with little rubber balls. I would show her one, a meow and I would throw it and she would bring it back to me. Sooooo sweet. Tiny loved to have her ears and head rubbed followed by an upside down belly rub. If she came over for one and you did not notice her you got the paw on your arm and if you continued to ignore the harassment and the frequency of the paws increased. She was a very quite kitty and would lay on me and just purr and purr. I still feel her laying on me at night I can feel weight and a tingly sensation on my tummy where she used to lay. I am sure itís her, I just would like to see her and hold her one more time and kiss the top of that little head. I also know when she is in the room. I can feel her.

When she was a year old, at Christmas time one evening we could not find her and she did not come out to eat as usual. We looked and looked no Tiny. I began to get upset, kept looking. I was under the tree looking in a basket when I looked up and light was coming through the tree branches. There was a small dark area in the top branches of the tree. I moved a branch and was greeted by a paw and huge yawn. That little stinker!!!

When she was in her last days after we found out she had a yucky cancer I was lucky, very lucky to have 4 days with her. She had a cancer in her lungs and my vet, who I trust said she was too old and small for surgery and she would likely die during surgery, so I did not and I was glad. The last 4 days were very special. I held her, sang to her, and just stayed with her and petted her. The day of the 27th of May was one of the hardest days of my life and it would change me forever. I came home from work about 4 and she was ok. Quiet on her spot. I went about stuff and about 6 she was laying on her side and her little mouth was open she was having a harder time breathing. She looked up at me and told me "Its time" "I am done".

So an hours ride to Greenfield Mass. where I held her for her last moments and cried and cried. What I will never ever forget is the look of love in those little eyes and I could see right to her soul which even in her last moments was pure love. She passed peaceful and I cried so much and held her and talked to her and sang to her. Then a ferry ride home and she now rests with her mom in my yard. Each Monday I do her own candle ceremony before the online one and it makes me feel better.

In her name I now volunteer at T. J. Connor Animal Shelter in Springfield Mass. I do cat care, clean cages etc. and whatever else they need. I also transport cats and kittens from our shelter to others that want them and have homes for them. So far I have transported 91 kitties to new homes. I do this for her. I have always supported shelters but could never go inside one. now I do but there are times when I come out with the tears flowing. But I do it for my Tiny. I love her, I miss her, and will never ever, ever forget that little one...

It has been over 2 months since you have gone on to Rainbow Bridge. It seems like yesterday. The hurt and sadness are still with me although I know you suffer no more. I love you. You will never be forgotten my little one. I miss you, Tiny, so much. I am in tears now while writing this. You were a gift to me. I loved you and gave you the best of care. You gave back countless special moments like fetching the little rubber ball and bringing it back to me and looking at me with those eyes which were nothing but pure love and peering into a soul that was much of the same. I remember finding you and your sister Little Bit at the campground under that trailer left by your Mom who could not care for you. You were so feisty for such a little one and the hisses sounded like those of a large full grown cat.

But I was determined to save you I am so glad I did. The trips to the vet with you howling in disagreement. The Christmas time when no one could find you. We looked and looked, no Tiny. My heart sank when the minutes turned to hours that you were missing. Until I went under the Christmas tree and looked up and saw a dark area in the top branches. They revealed a sleeping Tiny who greeted me with a stretch and a soundless meow.

I love you my little one. You will never ever be forgotten. I worked at the shelter again today and came home in tears again seeing so many homeless kitties. I promise you I will continue to do all I can to see that as many of them as possible find homes my Little One. I will cry many more times for you and for them but I will do it because I love you Tiny. I will give each of them Love that will make their hopefully short stay a better one. And I will cry again.

I will miss with an aching heart that little paw of yours that would touch my arm when you wanted your ears and head done. I will miss your soundless meows and the ones with sound. I will miss you sitting with your sister at "The Feeding Spot" I will miss the purrs that came from you constantly even as I held you in your final moments of life. I am in major tears again now thinking of that fateful day, May 27, 2009, when I came home from work to check on you and your little eyes told me it was time. It was an honor to be the last thing your little eyes saw and my arms cradling you, the last thing you felt here on earth. I did not want you to suffer any longer and mostly, I did not want you to pass alone My Little one. I read this special poem from the Pet Loss Grief Support site each night And I think of you in a place where you are not suffering, you can run and play with all the others there. But I miss you. My heart aches, There is a void in me that only you can fill Tiny. I will never forget that day or you my Little Teeny Tiny Bit.

Tiny, I will write a song for you on my Celtic Harp I will write it with the harp in the last places that you were with us in my house. It will be a song that uses all my abilities on the harp. It will tell you in many musical notes how much I love and miss you. It will become a CD and many others will hear your song. I don't know the name as of yet but I will tell you in another message here when it is done and has a name. Donations from the sale of this CD will go to help other kitties find homes. I will keep doing my geology Field work looking for the earthís treasures in minerals and crystals and fossils which tell the past history of our earth. I hope you will be with me when I do these things , I miss you Tiny So much. Lastly I long to touch that little head one more time, I long to feed you and watch you eat, I long to brush your fur (it would be wet now from the tears). I long to hold you and look into your eyes once more. I long to have you fall asleep on me and feel the warmth of your little body and your loving purrs. I love you Teeny Tiny Bit, I miss You Teeny Tiny Bit. I will be united with you again never to be parted at Rainbow Bridge.

Light a candle in Tiny's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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