Johnny Reid
Thank You

My Beloved Little Bit. On Friday July 23, 2010 your 16 years here on earth came to an end as you left for Rainbow Bridge. I am in so much pain and heartache I cannot find words to describe how I feel. I have been crying since then and my little love I can say I love you more than ever and I always will. You are now with your sister Teeny Tiny Bit at the bridge and you are happy now and no longer suffer the kidney problems you had here over the past year or two. Littlebit. I took care of you the best I could , trips to the vet, medicines,

giving you treatments and offering you different foods and treats to get you to eat and I loved watching you eat and drink. But As I told your sister , Teeny tiny Bit , a year ago, A legacy of helping other babies in both your names now has more resolve than ever. Its funny.. when your sister left I was volunteering at one shelter and now just a while ago another close by shelter called me and asked for help in transporting babies to other places and back to them when they have homes waiting for a kitty to love. And I will do it with love for both of you in your names Teeny Tiny Bit and Little Bit. Its lonely here without both of you now. I ache deep inside so bad it makes me ill. I cannot eat.. I have not slept well.. I keep looking for you. I love you Little Bit.

I always will and I long for the day I can hold you and your sister and kiss that little nose of yours with the little black spot on it. And my Love.. the Cd that I made for your sister "The Crossing at Rainbow Bridge" is nearly done and should be here in a matter of weeks. And Little Bit my love one will be made for you.

It will be called "My Perfect Rose". I will tell you more in future posts here as it progresses. For now please come and see me in my dreams so I can hold and love my perfect rose. For now keep this in your heart Little Bit and Tiny Bit your daddy loves you and always will and many kitties will find a forever home because of my love for both of you.

With love forever
Always And Forever
Your Daddy

My little love. The last month has been a huge void with you not with me. I have cried so much and am so sad I am now ill from all the sorrow. I love you so much..My love for you now is greater than it ever was and it will only grow..But your absence at my side will make the hurt and sorrow remain. I wait for you to come to sleep at night.. I wait for you to sit on my leg when I am quiet.. now there is only emptiness, sadness and more tears...

Little Bit.. I know now you were a gift that was given to me and I had this gift for 16 years.. and I loved you and loved you and loved you.. because I did love you and we had that special bond that will remain between us forever. I did my best to take care of you.. fed you, cared for you and countless trips to the vet as you had your share of problems my little love but I would have never stopped caring for you as I will never stop loving you... I am hurt really bad right now..and don't know if I can deal with so much pain inside.... I will try and be strong.. but the hollow feeling is so bad right now...and I cry as I write these words Little Bit. I miss you so bad I would give anything to have another minute with you in my arms.. I love you, I love you I love you and I miss you so much there are no words for it.. Just my broken heart...

I know you and your sister Teeny Tiny Bit like what I am doing for the shelters and helping kitties find homes... I brought 26 to new homes last Wednesday for both of you in your names my loves...You are both perfect little roses that I was fortunate to be able to hold..but now you are Gods roses and he holds you...Until I can be with you. Little Bit this month without you has been dark without that special glow from your little eyes and heart that were pure love... I long to be in that light again.. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Your Daddy

Light a candle in Littlebit's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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