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You Picked Me

You picked me.
Only one other person
chose to be
a part of my daily life,
to listen, to care,
to let me listen
and care.
You were the only other.
I watched as you ventured
away from your birth mom,
more curious than a cat
wanting to learn about
the world as you
romped from one
adventure to another.
When you tired out
from your exploration
all around the land,
instead of picking your
birth mother
you came to me,
laid down at my feet
and took a nap.
But wait,
you werenít the one
I wanted.
You were black and white.
I wanted red.
My instincts told me
your choice was my choice.
You knew all along.
From that point forward
you followed my lead,
but forever Iíll wonder
if you lead me all along.

(c) Lori Durante Rardin 2009

Piezonís Adventures

You loved your journey
And you did it all
From hiking to running
And fetching your tennis ball

You always wanted to work at some job
And helped me with daily chores
From cleaning to daily laundry
Anything to keep from being a bore

Jumping over hurdles
Blasting against the box
You became a flyball master
Running fast against the clock

A bath, no problem
Just another adventure to enjoy
Swimming, fishing and herding
Or a day at the beach for our boy

Sneakers the cat hated you at first
But you got her to come around
Everybody loved Piezon
Because your love was profound

The love of life you showed us
A wise old soul from the start
It was as if you trained us
By giving your total heart

(c) Lori Durante Rardin 2009

The Light Extinguished

For four years a dark haze
hovered in and around me.
An on going crisis
kept my spirits low.
Then one day,
a bright spirited light
came into my life
obliterating the dark haze.
My low energy induced
by the darkness took
some time to gradually
move up to the level
of the light.
Eventually the lively light
infiltrated me.
Joy abounded my daily life.
With no sign of the
darkness returning,
wiggles and giggles
happened all the time.
For eleven years
I woke up every morning
with a smile, and
went to sleep with one
every night.
My energy remained high
and days filled with joy.
The light was so vibrant
it could not be extinguished,
or so I thought.
After eleven and one half years,
the light dimmed.
I had the light checked
to see if it could be repaired.
Two days later the bad news came.
The light was going out.
One week later
the light extinguished
on this plain,
but grows even brighter on another.
With the light turned off
the dark haze has returned.
The wiggles, giggles and smiles
have been replaced by tears and frowns.
Energy is low.
The daily lift the light
brought into my life
is all but gone.
I have hope
that one day soon,
memories of the light
will shine forth from
my heart to make
all days lit
with cheer again.

(c) Lori Durante Rardin 2009

All of the Above

You were much more than
people claim.
You werenít just
a family member.
A parent, a son,
a sibling, a friend.
You were all of the above.
I lost each of those
when you died.
You nurtured me like a parent
when I needed care.
You let me nurture you when
I wished to be a mom.
You showed concern
and played with me like a brother.
You listened to me like a friend.
So much of you was wrapped
up in me.
Now Iím like a child,
standing on a road
with many forks.
Iím lost and crying,
waiting for someone
to take my hand
down the road
I need to go.
Who will be my parent?
Who will be my son?
Who will be my sibling?
Who will be my friend?
Most of all,
how do I find the joy
inside of me that you
drew out?
Sometimes I think
you were the one
holding the leash
instead of me.
My wise dog
with an old soul,
where do I go from here
without you?

(c) Lori Durante Rardin 2009

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Light a candle in memory of Piezon, for all those hurt or lost, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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