By Johnny Mathis

I stand beside you and see you weep
And I feel the love we will always keep
But you don't see me standing here
But we promised to stay always near

I may have walked ahead, round the bend
But please believe that this isn't the end
For love such as ours can never fade away
But grow ever stronger forever and one day

And you weep for what seems the end of our tale
As I stand here behind a thin Midnight Veil
You weep for I am gone to a place you cannot see
As you gaze upon a point where nothing seems to be

But I will never leave you, our love is far to true
I guard your path every step with my love for you
And though you cannot see me I watch your every day
Though you cannot hear me I hear every word you say
And when at last we're together again
At the Bridge that is at the Rainbow's end
Then our hearts rejoice as each other we see
And we start our journey through eternity
© Candace December 2004

When I first held you in my hands and looked into the eyes of love
My heart filled with wonder that someone so small could fill my life with so much
Love and happiness. I watched you grow from an adorable furry kitten to a regal Queen
We bonded in the twinkle of a glowing star and that bond will always join us by a silver thread
My hands and arms had to let you go for now, but you are forever held in my heart
I see you sunning yourself in the warmth of the sun and you feel the kisses I send
On the rays of the sun. Until we are one again I give you my heart to hold, and soul to touch
With these hands I will reach out to you and gather you close and never let you go,
Until then I send you hugs on the colours of the Rainbow. Love always your Mamma

©J.C. Stewart~BarTendersBluesWolf~February 23, 2006.

In the lovely mist of the early dawn of life a tiny soul is born.
A fragile cry is heard as life begins and the sun dawns on a beautiful new morn>
So much joy and love to give from one so frail and small in size.
So much trust and hope i see in those shining eyes.

As this one grows and learns of life in this world love is all they ever ask.
So God puts them into the caring hands of one who he knows is up to the task.
With all the love locked inside a special heart given so freely that little one will thrive.
And know each day the joy of simply being alive.

All to soon the days fly by and that tiny soul has lost it's zest to live.
It breaks our heart to see that little one grow old and we know we have given all we can give.
But they see things much more clearly then we do and in time we will know.
It is with sadness of leaving us but yet with a peaceful heart they go.

For they know of the everlasting peace and joy that awaits them as they return.
And one day as time goes on we also shall surely learn.
That in a lovely mist a tiny soul returns to it's former home and the circle of life is complete.
And that one day in a misty dawn our souls will join with theirs and once more we shall meet.

© Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie~~February 24 2006~~

We who love so deeply
Are called upon from above
To do what is unthinkable
For the babies that we love

We do not want to part
Fight against it till the end
Do everything that we can
To help our special friend

The time comes when we know
Can no longer question why
We must end their suffering
Let go so they may fly

We hold them with urgency
Trying to take their essence in
Realizing this is the last time
Then heartbreak will begin

Tears run down our face
Sadness fills our heart
Our soul cries out in anguish
Why did we have to part?

Now that they have gone
To the rainbow in the sky
Grief and pain engulf us
Why did they have to die?

We fought so hard to save them
Struggled against the tide
Now our grief is overwhelming
For they’ve crossed to the other side

Then we hear a whisper
Telling us not to fear
“I will always love you
And I will always be near.”

Look up to the night sky
And find the brightest star
When they are not with you
This is where they are.

© Carol Ross aka CareWolf aka Nashoba Ahalaia
February 25, 2006

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