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When a friend suggested this website and sent me the poem of the rainbow bridge, I can't tell you how much I bawled, what a beautiful poem and it has given me hope that I will see Copper some day.The story of how Copper came into my life is kind of funny. My sister put in a request at the human society, for a cocker spaniel pup. In Feb/04 Copper arrived at their home - she was such a cute puppy and we had this immediate bond. She only stayed with my sister for a week, as she had 2 young children under the age of 4 and it became to much for the family. That Saturday, I went to visit my sister and my niece and nephew, my niece had tears in her eyes, because my sister had taken Copper to the pet store....My heart sank, and I found myself excussing myself from an early visit. Without them knowing, I drove to the pet store and bought copper (I didn't want Lindsay to be sad, and I wanted this puppy that no one seemed to want).....I remember driving home, copper in a small box with her precious head peering out with curiosity and little whimpers. I pulled over the car and gently took her out of the box and placed her on my lap, as we drove home she gently kissed me with such excitement....And from that point on.....I KNEW I WASN'T RESCUING HER, SHE HAD JUST RESCUED ME For 16 wonderful yrs, copper and I did everything together.....Her favorite thing was to come with me to Tim Horton's to get my morning coffee....You would swear she was human, because every time we pulled up to the speaker, she would go nuts barking as if she was ordering her Timbit's.....These are just a few memories of Copper for now......when my heart stops aching so much and I bring her home after cremation, maybe I can put into words, what I'm thinking and feeling.Copper was the most loving dog anyone could ask for......she always was there to greet you with her little stubby wagging tail, warm kisses and lost of love. She loved to cuddle and always had to have a piece of my body touch hers-she loved her walks and swims but most of alll, she love just being around people - She was loyal and the most trusting dog.....Very good with childern, always wanting to protect them. Too me, she was almost human, had all the characturistics, but the warmest deminor. She is truly love and missed

I have seen the morning sun
rise upon my window panes.
I have seen the glory of the sun
as sets at end of day.
I have seen rebirth in the
beginnings of each new day.
I have heard the sounds cast
in my mind of words unsaid.

On a clear day, I can see
forever in the skies above me.
I have seen the love as soft
eyes gazed gently into mine,
I have known love on four legs,
more so than ever I have two.
I have had the pleasure of time
that stands still in my mind.

I have shared the silver of
the teardrops as they fell,
I have heard the words of
others in much pain.
There have been things I
know left unsaid as time heals,
But I have sensed those
teardrops fall like rain.

It is known the pain of words
written for this heart that hurts,
And words fill the gap that time
has not yet felt the need to erase,
You too have words that you too
have yet to speak or write,
About the great hurt of the tears
that you wet upon your face.

So let we who care share your
pain with you my friends,
Let not ever the glory of the
rainbows shine be for naught.
One day more shall we rise
to smell the beauty of the rose.
And once more in the web of
great love shall we be caught.

Yes you have known the glory of
the sunrise as it burst upon the land,
And seen it slowly drift across the
meadow gently kissed with dew.
You have felt its warming rays
spread and warm your very soul,
And you have known the love
of four legs, just as you have two.

You know this life as it stands
is not without its grief,
So Live on this life that you
know you must fulfill,
Until that day that you are
called upon to go,
And you will see the sunlight
shine again upon your sill.

Aka Don Dade

Light a candle in Copper's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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