Precious Child
By Karen Taylor

My precious boy Yoshie, I just lost him 10/13/2008. I gave him the best gift I could have given him even though it tore my heart in pieces. I let him go to sleep.

Yoshie was 15 years old and my best friend. He chose me 15 years ago and became a part of the family instantly. He no longer is in pain, he can breath freely and his heart beats without difficulty. Mama's Yoshmite, I will miss you so very much. Mama loves you forever.

I will be forever grateful for your courage in helping me. Even though it was hard on your heart you were there for me. Yours was the face of love I saw in my heart when I left this world. All I remember is the love and joy you give me. The pain is no more. I fly with the eagles and run with the wolves. I dance on the clouds and find their silver lining. Please remember the life we shared and let the joy of those memories help you find peace. You stood by my side and you are always in my heart. We are always one. You gave me the rarest gift that only you could give me the gift of freedom from pain. You made it easier for me to find Rainbow Bridge.

I am not alone, I have made many friends. The lamb does lay down with the lion. Now is time for you to heal. You did what was best for me you let me go. I will never be far. Look into the night sky and the stars that twinkle and know that I am well and whole again. I thank you for the years together no matter how long or short. Love can happen in a heart beat and last forever.

J.C. Stewart aka

Light a candle in memory of all those hurt or lost, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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