~*~ Wind Beneath My Wings ~*~
~*~ Bette Middler ~*~

When the waves of Sorrow lap at your feet,
And they work up to your heart.
Silver hued tears run down your cheeks,
And naught but sadness does impart.

Think of this place called Rainbow’s Bridge,
And the wondrous glory there.
A silent shadow looks down from a ridge,
And stands on edge your hair.

What is this wondrous graceful sound I hear,
That whispers to me on the breeze?
It is a sound that whispers peace,
And fills my heart with ease.

Is this my love that comes to me,
And whispers on the breeze?
It seems to say feel not guilt,
Listen to my whispers please.

Daddy, mommy, I Love You,
Forever and one day.
In your heart feel not blue,
Just listen to what I say.

I speak to you with sounds of love,
From high upon this ridge.
I wait for you to come above,
I’m happy at Rainbow Bridge.

Written by LoboWolf aka Don Dade 10/03/2003


We miss our "Mommy" so much, she had to be put down on Sept. 10 2008
and it broke my heart. She was 13 years old and suddenly was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer and diabetes.
I miss her and love her and it was the 2nd hardest thing
I ever had to do,
the first was watching our other dachshund die in my arms on
Christmas night 2003 because
I didn't put her down, her name was Puppy.
Sincerely John Davis.


This is our Mother Butterfly. We were only graced with her
presence in our home for about 13 months but, we grew to love her very much.
I miss her howling when I would come home from work. She weighed in at
30 pounds and believe it was all Heart. Having to put her to sleep was truly the
hardest thing I have ever done, besides watching another dachshund die in my
arms at 18 years old on Christmas night 2003. We truly miss her, and I think
of her everyday.

Today I let my other dogs outside and when they came back in, I thought,
where is Mommy she didn't come in.
Now I am sitting here crying again as I type this.
Daddy John.


So here you go little Mommy, leaving another family that loved you so much. But this time it will be to the happy bridge, I hear it is a very nice place and it will make you young and happy again.

I had to let you go that day because there was nothing that the vets could do for you, I'm running out of pieces of my heart to be taken away. I love and miss you so much and I hope that you have met our other dachshund, her name was Puppy. But, that's another story.

When we bought you from the last set of people, who were on their way to take you to the pound, there had been 3 of people before us and all in 1 month. I set my mind to it that this was going to be you forever home, here with us. And that is what it turned out to be. We grew to love you so much in the allotted time we were able to have you with us.

I am glad that I took you to the vet that day but made me physically ill when your heart stopped in my lap. You truly were one great Mommy for all of us. You are thought about everyday and you are cried over every day.

I just wish I could have been as good of a person as you thought I was. Goodbye for now my beautiful girl and know you will always be missed by Ma and Pa, and all the other fur kids, Yodi, Mojo, Pluto, Alex, Tucker, Precious, and Evil. Please know I will never forget your howling and luvins when I came home from work, thank you for all you did.


~*~ ~*~

Light a candle in memory of Mommy, for all those hurt or lost, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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