To Where You Are
By Josh Groban

My Dear Sarah girl,My world has been so empty without you in it. You filled my life with so much happiness and pure joy,that it's almost impossible to feel normal without you here . I spend most of my days in tears and sorrow,I just can't seem to move on or even want to without you..Twelve months ago my world ended with the last beat of your heart. What I wouldn't give to have one more day with you.

The first month without you passed in a blur,I was out of my mind I think,than I started to plant everything I could in honor of your memory,A pretty Japanese Cherry Weeping Tree,and I started to add things to it,I had a stone hand painted of you,and put in pretty solar stars,flowers that turn colors,you name it,and a special angel to watch over you,,,it is always lit 24/7...and it's a special place I can go to to talk to you..I know you hear me to,I've gotten lots of bridge "Kisses"

You were never sick a day in your life,it's just the last year the seizures started to take a toll on your precious managed to rally back after the first bad one when we rushed you to the vet..but than they started to come more often and you just could not rally back were such a fighter my love..You couldn't hear very much and after cataract surgery at 13,by 16 you were completely blind,but you still do great in your house,thanks to mommy and daddy putting pillows everywhere to bumper off the house so you wouldn't hurt yourself...You were never left alone,especially in the last few years when you needed us the most...

I count every day that passes,for I know it will be one day closer to you..I know you loved me as much as I love you,and I tried to prepare myself for days ahead,but that was impossible..I miss and love you more than life itself..I pray I gave you as much love as you gave me..I miss holding you in my arms and the touch of your soft fur...You never missed a groomer apt. in all your 17 years..You were so beautiful and kept your black color all the years of your life..only a little grey..

Remember all those years ago the first time we met? I know all our babies before you had a hand in it...We had just lost 3 of our dogs due to old age in the last year...we thought we wanted a puppy,so we traveled 5 hours to Fairfield Ca in search of a black min poodle "puppy",well you had different plans..You were 5 than and just had gotten spayed and retired from being a "show girl" and you would not stop following us and wanting to be held..we never did look at puppy's...we brought you home with us..That night you jumped into our bed and that is where you stayed for the next 12 years..

You were a great traveler..rode with mommy to MI in 1997 and Daddy had the 2 cats with him..and you went with us to Florida 2 years in row as loved the adventure and were always a good girl..

I'll never forget and I'm so very blessed that I had the time the night before,when you looked me right in the eyes almost like you could see again..and we talked..I told you how much I loved you and what was going to happen to you and that you would be young again and be able to see and run and play with your toys again..I will treasure that moment forever..

I go outside now everynite and talk to your special doggie's so sparkly like you..I know you can hear me and I also know you didn't want to leave without your mom,but honey before you can blink an eye we'll be together again..Always keep waiting..your only a heartbeat away and I love you with all my heart and soul.. Mommy

Sarah was the one who told me it was time..I knew what we had to do and I had made the arrangements ahead the day before,just in case..but she stopped eating for 2 days,had to hand feed her,bought baby food, etc..didn't want to drink,so I knew..Sarah LOVED her food ALWAYS to the end..That night she got really bad (hard to talk about)and I picked up the phone and our vet came right away to the house..Sarah knew she wanted to leave in her own house laying on the bed she loved and with her mom next to her..and as our vet drove away with her wrapped in her favorite blanket my world stopped..I looked to the sky for answers and saw a shooting star..2 weeks later the most beautiful rainbow, and since than she has sent other signs..I'm blessed to have "bridge kisses" and they keep me going..We shared a bond like no other..and I know I'm grieving as deep as I loved that will be forever...

There has not been one night gone by that I haven't lit your flamless candle on your special table,with all your pic's,you will always have a a place of "honor" as you should..I put your collar hanging from my rearview mirror so I'll always have my ^angel^ looking over me..No one can ever take away our Love for each's safe in both of our hearts till we are together again...keep waiting

Light a candle in Sarah's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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