Once Again
By Joanne Shenandoah

Here we are gliding on wings of peace
we are here and everywhere
So many things we wish to say to you
There are so many ways to say I love you
The colours in a sunrise greeting the morning light
The gentle breeze that whispers in the trees
Songs of family, songs of heart
There is healing in the Rainbow that calls
us together and watches over us

Here we are always for the one who cares
You took our hands and never let go
We feel you holding us near
We feel your silver tears upon our hearts
We hear your voice in the winds of peace
We have always known your love
We feel it strongly now and always will

Here we are the newest silver stars
That blink back at you
We see your love lighting our path
Always there with a hug, a hand to hold
Words of love and encouragement

Here we are always near
Everywhere you are so are we
Here we are, feel our gentle touches
On your heart, we send you hugs
Our hearts always remembers your love
Here we are, We hear your voice in the night
We whisper to you in the twinkle of a blinking star
Always and forever near

©J.C. Stewart Aka

One day as I traveled along my life’s path
Three women weaving I happened to see
And I stopped to rest and to watch for a while
As they worked on an intricate tapestry.

As I watched and they wove I began to see
The color of each thread shift and change
And the pattern would alter with the color shift
And the tapestry grew and expanded it’s range.

I continued to watch as they continued to weave
And I saw periodically one a thread would snip
And a small hole would form in the tapestry
And the pattern at that point alter and shift.

But others would take up each thread as snipped
And weave it into a new tapestry
No thread seemed lost for even a moment
The flow to the looms seemed as smooth as can be.

Then one of the three smiled up at me
Sad eyes that seemed tired with age
And without a word she explained the threads
And the intricate tapestry they made.

“Threads cut shorter a short life or child
Longer threads those of ones older
Bright tones for happy moments in life
Dark tones for times sadder and colder”

And I watched the two looms and their tapestries
Amazed both from the same threads were woven
The first intricate patterned in dark and light
The second flawless with beauty unspoken

As a single tear fell she again spoke to me
“We ,the Fates, weave for all time the tapestry of life
We weave with life’s threads, the long and the short
Our patterns colored by joy, pain, and strife.”

“The others are angels who lift up each cut thread
To add to their loom with love oh so gently
Then they weave with colors so perfect and lovely
For their tapestry is the perfect eternity.


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