In The Arms Of An angel
By Sarah Mclachlin

He was my beautiful golden retriever he was born 12-08-1997 and passed 06-25-2008 from a tumor on the spleen that caused a slow bleeding.He is greatlly missed.Buddy was a happy dog,he loved his toys especially his tennis balls he loved balls of any kind it didn't matter what kind or what size,he loved to ride in the car he was always ready to go no matter what time day or night,he liked to go for walks and loved to go to the park his favorite toy was his stuffed monkey named Luther which made this awful monkey sound when you squeezed it.He would always greet us at the door when we came home with something in his mouth no matter what it was,shoes,clothes much as he could fit into his mouth that was his way of saying hey I missed you guys where have you been?He always seemed to be smiling.When he was a pup we had a pool he loved to swim he had this huge ball that would not fit into his mouth so he would chase it around the pool until he just couldn't go on.His favorite things he liked to eat were watermelon,popcorn and peanut butter we used to play a game when you were a young pup i would cut the watermelon and would toss it so you could catch it same with the popcorn you could hear me when I would take out the popcorn bag you always knew and could hear me when I opened the peanut butter jar from any where no matter what time day or night.I would fix him peanut butter and toast for breakfast every morning.One day Buddy was ot feeling up to par just seemed to not want to eat,play or even go out for his daily routine,so I planed on taking him to the vet the next morning,I prayed really hard that night and the next morning he seemed better ,but we went on to the vet any way just to check him out,they took blood and x-rays said is blood was a little anemic and maybe something was hiding in behind one of his organs but lets keep a watch over it well he was fine for about a month and than it happened again so back in we went for more of the same,they said that he had a tumor on his spleen that was a slow bleeder they said that when it would bleed is when he would feel bad and than it would clot and he would be himself,well we knew it was just a matter of time,that was in April he passed in June I stopped to get gas on the night of the 24th of June was going to take him for a ride since he loved to go so much when I got home he couldn't get up so I helped him into my mothers room since thats where he was sleeping most of the time I don't know why but for some reason I didn't sleep in the room with him that night I had been sleeping on the floor or on the couch with him just to be close by but not that night I wish I had of I feel so bad about that now,i knew I would have to take him in that next morning and have him pts I did not want to make that decision it was 1am when I went to bed,my mom woke me at 5am and told me that she was sure Buddy was gone so I got up to check and he was gone I never thought anything could hurt so much he will always be in my heart and part of my soul,I have his ashes here with me i loved him so much and he loved us i know he loved his granma too he passed on the floor at the foot of her bed,he was her best friend when he passed it was like losing part of our family,he made that decision for me that i did not want to make i guess he was thinking about me too,my heart feels like it has one large hole in it.I hope someday we will all be together at that Rainbow Bridge.

Light a candle in Buddy and Houdini's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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