Dont Want To Miss A Thing
By Aerosmith

Bo was our son, our Prince, our pal… the ultimate sheriff dog. He mumbled a conversation when he had something to say. He loved his sister’s…Brandy, Daisy, and Susie. Fierce protector…when someone was the door he was the first one barking. He was the lounge puppy sprawled out beside us on the patio and didn’t want to be bothered with childish play although Daisy managed to get him going more often than not. Bo loved taking walks in this backyard, which he proclaimed his domain. He would sit on top of the hill, looking down at everybody and making sure all was well. He always wanted to be with Daddy (so much for being a mama’s boy). When Daddy slept late on the weekends he would stay on the bed watching over him. He would “protect” Daddy from Daisy when she wanted him to wake up and kept her on the floor where he thought she belonged. He loved truck rides and sticking his nose out the window and slobbering all over the windows. He loved Grandma and Grandpa a lot! They were the only ones he would “allow” in the house!

Dancing on the clouds, chasing the stars
Riding the winds of love
Sending my heart in the warmth of the sun
Singing songs of joy in memeories
I hold forever near and dear
Sliding on the tails of stars
To whisper in your ear
That I am always yours
You are forever mine
Gentle whispers to a caring heart in the night
Warm touches of a loving smile
Hugs forever given in dreams we meet
See me dancing on the silver clouds
Shadows in the moon light
Love whispered in the twinkle of a star
Here I am
Forever your Bo

© BarTendersBluesWolf
Aka J.C. Stewart

When the waves of Sorrow lap at your feet,
And they work up to your heart.
Silver hued tears run down your cheeks,
And naught but sadness does impart.

Think of this place called Rainbow’s Bridge,
And the wondrous glory there.
A silent shadow looks down from a ridge,
And stands on edge your hair.

What is this wondrous graceful sound I hear,
That whispers to me on the breeze?
It is a sound that whispers peace,
And fills my heart with ease.

Is this my love that comes to me,
And whispers on the breeze?
It seems to say feel not guilt,
Listen to my whispers please.

Daddy, mommy, I Love You,
Forever and one day.
In your heart feel not blue,
Just listen to what I say.

I speak to you with sounds of love,
From high upon this ridge.
I wait for you to come above,
I’m happy at Rainbow Bridge.
Written by© LoboWolf
aka Don Dade

In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion

I've noticed you for a while and wondered
were you cause for fear or hope
I've wondered if my thoughts were heard
Or if you were aware of me at all

Are you my memories lingering to haunt me
with wishes I cannot make true
Are you Time standing there just to taunt me
Echoes of the past and the future

With the passage of time as I begin to heal
and memories become warm and sweet
I realize that you are my lost one's love I feel
Bidding me hope as they watch over me.

In the quiet corners of my life I feel you
Always hovering - always near
There, but not there, just out of my view
A comfortable companion
Loving, watching, caring.

© Candace

Light a candle in Bo's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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