Precious Child
By Karen Taylor-Good

I got Bexy from the Humane Society in the Middle of April- she was 5 1/2 years old when I got her, she was very small and was missing some fur on her body from lack of nutrition and lack of love- When I got her home she was very antisocial and wanted nothing to do with me. Within about 2 weeks she started to come around and even gave me bunny kisses! I remember the first time she gave me a kiss! I was so happy! from then on whenever she'd hear my voice she'd perk up and look for me. When we moved into the apartment that we're in now-- I'd give her some freedom and let her run around my room sometimes--she loved her freedom!! She'd run all around the room and hop everywhere--ch eck everything out run around in my closet help me get ready in the mornings-she loved it!

She did have quite the bunnytude sometimes though, and if I made her mad, she sure let me know! She wasn't shy about telling me when I crossed a line with her. I got my fair share of thumps and grunts from her--they were so cute!! I miss those little thumps and grunts! If I was petting her, or massaging her sides and I'd stop I'd get a loud thump and a grunt! lol when you got both you knew you were in trouble!!

Bexy was fairly quiet and kept to herself, but she did like to play with her toys around 2 or 3am lol it always woke me up, but I loved it. one morning I woke up and she was sitting on the outside of her cage---not where she had been when I went to bed-- I looked at her and was stunned! She looked back at me as if to say, "what, this is where I was when you went to bed!" I put her back in her cage, took a shower, came back in my room and again..she was out of her cage--so I put her back in...watched for a min--and sure enough she was hopping out of her cage--she looked at me like uhoh! did she just see me!? lol she was so sweet! She used to sit with me on the floor while I was working on my homework and reading my textbooks--she would come over and grab the corner of my book or of my homework and eat pieces of it lol- I loved seeing little bite marks in my books and papers--made me remember her during the day.

Bexy passed away on aug 20, 2008 around 7:30pm-- I'm not sure exactly what took her life, the doctors weren't able to tell either--she did hang in there long enough though for me to get to see her alive one last time before she passed.

My first poem about her:
Bexy Bexy a bunny I love so much!
Bexy Bexy a bunny I miss alot!
Bexy Bexy a bunny I had to let go
Bexy Bexy a bunny I'll always know

Light a candle in Bexy's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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