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In October 1992 I went to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on a whim with friends one weekend in college and found my darling love... Wilbur. At 5 weeks old this black and white shih-tzu pup burrowed behind my back for most of the night and I decided whatever it took... we both knew we were for eachother. 3 weeks later at 8 weeks old on Halloween he was delivered to me! This little prince brought me and my family so much joy. He was like a child to me. He was a big brother to Daisy Beagle -13 and to Max Shepherd -10. He loved his Bunny Thumper. He loved to nurture and care for small pets. He is the reason we have kitties Marley and Butch. He raised and shaped our family. He was top dog! Wilbur was a very brave little guy who stood up to even the biggest of dogs. He stuck with me through everything and anything...I stuck right by him up until his last breath. We all feel an emptyness in our hearts but we try to remember what a full life Wilbur had. He traveled all over the country, he hiked many forest preserves. He went to concerts. He loved to swim in Lake Michigan. He attended several bike/ski trips and loved to romp in the snow. We live to see 'floppies' and 'airplane leggys', we loved your sweet kisses! So many people were blessed to have known and spent time with Wilbur. 6 months ago on a regular visit to the vet...for his routine check up- Wilbur was diagnosed with Kidney failure. - We helped Willy for the last six months by giving him subcutaneous IV fluids nightly. We could tell he was feeling better for about 3-4 months..then he started to lose more weight. He went from 18lbs to 12 lbs in his last months. He loved pizza. He enjoyed pizza on his last day. He made his way into the kitchen...very eager for lunch. We played in the grass outside and he rubbed his face and wagged his tail very much. He went very peacefully in our livingroom June 16,2008. He left us on a very good note. A tail wagging day. Wilbur, you will always be top dog! God bless your strong little heart. You are forever in our hearts and thoughts- all of us. We miss you Wilbur. Love Forever, Mommy, Daddy, Daisy, Max, Marley, and Butch.

When the waves of Sorrow lap at your feet,
And they work up to your heart.
Silver hued tears run down your cheeks,
And naught but sadness does impart.

Think of this place called Rainbow’s Bridge,
And the wondrous glory there.
A silent shadow looks down from a ridge,
And stands on edge your hair.

What is this wondrous graceful sound I hear,
That whispers to me on the breeze?
It is a sound that whispers peace,
And fills my heart with ease.

Is this my love that comes to me,
And whispers on the breeze?
It seems to say feel not guilt,
Listen to my whispers please.

Daddy, mommy, I Love You,
Forever and one day.
In your heart feel not blue,
Just listen to what I say.

I speak to you with sounds of love,
From high upon this ridge.
I wait for you to come above,
I’m happy at Rainbow Bridge.

Written by© LoboWolf
aka Don Dade

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Each moment I stop and smile
As thoughts of you drift on angel's wings
Through my mind
Joy filled memories dancing on the sun beams
Each one more precious because of you
I see you clearly, eyes
aglow with happines and love
Each moment is engraved on my heart
Mama and Papa I did come home with you
Where ever you are I am there
Home to me is your heart
I feel your love so strongly
You give me more love in
one touch, in one prayer
Then many know in a lifetime
I still feel your hugs and gentle touches
Feel my touch in the gentle
breeze that caresses your face
I am ok Mama and Papa,
thank you for helping me
Find freedom from pain
I am at the bridge watching
over you and loving you
Now is time for you to heal
Know you are the best Mama
and Papa anyone could have
I send you kisses and hugs on
the wind till the day of reunion
Love always and forever
Is never good-bye, but till we
meet again never to be parted
Till we meet again Mama and Papa
I am always near

© J.C. Stewart
aka BarTendersBluesWolf


I thank you for the living years
Days filled with fun and love
When I walked this earth by your side
Before I was called above.

No longer a silly ball of baby fuzz
No longer a proud brave youth
No longer a strong and noble friend
What's left is just me, just my truth

For I have changed so many times
Yet somehow you've always loved me
Without seeing that what you really loved
Was inside of me not what you should see

I am now free from imprisonment
I am no longer shackled by pain
Please do not feel that I am gone
For we will see each other again

But you worry that the details may dim
That one day you'll forget my face
Like your clothes, my face has changed many times
What you loved is my inner grace

As time stole my beauty and strength
And dimmed my hearing and sight
Our love was not dimmed in the least
And you became my beauty and light

Should you now see the sweet innocent face of a child
Or the strong and brave face of fiery youth
Or the steadfast face of a trusted friend
Or the grizzled face old with the truth

Now that I do not reside in this plane
Don't worry if my earthly guise you can't see
Remember my inner spirit and light
The me that your heart always could see.

(c) Candace

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