There You'll Be
By Faith Hill

The day they put me in the truck I was so excited...I was going home!!!!!!!!! I was also a little anxious because I knew that my new mommy was very sad. She had lost her other baby Fluffy 2 months before and it was going to be my job to make her feel better...I couldn't wait! I knew once she met me she wouldn't forget Fluffy but I knew I could fill the void in her life and she wouldn't be so sad anymore. That made me feel so important so she would become my human even though I would have six altogether (Mommy, Daddy, Joey, Anthony, Angela and Melissa) Finally me and my other friends had reached our destination and my new daddy would be there at any minute to pick me up and take me to my new family.

So daddy picked me up and we drove for what seemed like forever. Finally we arrived and when I walked into my new home I couldn't believe how excited they all were to see me. They kissed me and hugged me so much!!! I loved my new family it was perfect! So much more than I could have ever imagined and I made myself right at home.(They called me Shadow not knowing just how that name fit me as I would spend my 9 wonderful years with my family being my mommy's shadow.) I remember Daddy didn't want me on the couch but mommy was a sucker for me from day one so I knew I'd get my way. One look into my eyes and she was a goner. I couldn't help but be a mommy's girl, oh how she loved me and I her. No matter how many things I chewed or how many accidents I would have in the house she didn't care I was her baby. Of course I know she would have rather I didn't but she never got mad, a little annoyed but she never showed it to me. She would say no Shadow but I was always her good girl. I was "My Shadow, Mommy's Shadow, Mommy's baby..she had so many nicknames for me. Oh how perfect we were for each other. So for the last almost 9 years I would be loved by and love, play and cuddle with my new family.

I don't know what happened but last month on Sunday May 18th I just started to feel really bad. Mommy took me to the vet and they said I needed surgery for pyometra so I had the surgery that night and went home on Tuesday. I still wasn't feeling good so we went back and then they said I had pancreatitis. I changed my diet, took my meds but I just didn't recover. I really tried to get better but I was just too weak. I wish Mommy knew that she did her best it was just time for me to go to a better place where I wouldn't be sick anymore. I know it broke our hearts to be separated but the time had come and on June 16, 2008 she hugged me and cried as we said goodbye and I went to be with all my friends at Rainbow Bridge. I want my mommy to know that I think I had a wonderful family that loved me and I them what more could a doggie ask for.

Oh our sweet, sweet Shadow. We love you girl and the house although full is so so very empty. You will always and forever be in our hearts. You were the sweetest dog and my heart just hurts so much that my best friend is not there to greet me everyday and use me as a pillow every night. I hate coming home knowing you aren't there. You were one of the few lights in my life and there will never be a moment that I will not think of you. Your beautiful expressive eyes, your hugs, your love for toys it didn't matter who they belonged to. Nor will I forget how you loved to play monkey in the middle with the kids, How you would walk me when I was supposed to be walking you. Or how you would just hang in the yard with us when I would be out there practicing pitching with Melissa and how you always wanted to join in. Mostly I will never forget how you loved to cuddle. You always made sure nobody was left out. You would go to bed with me and I'd wake up and you would be with one of the kids. You were a good good girl and truly one of a kind. Oh how I miss you so much! Rest in peace my sweet baby. Until we meet again.

Fluffy...I can't believe its been 9 years since you went to run and play at Rainbow Bridge....seems like just yesterday. I remember when Daddy gave you to me...just a beautiful big ball of fluff...hence the name. You also made yourself right at home..zipping back and forth and banging into the table from excitement, the cat sitting on the step staring like what the heck is that. All the times you got out and me being 6-7 months pregnant chasing you around the block. I'm sorry you never got to enjoy the yard we wanted so much for you and the kids since you left us shortly after we moved before the fence was up. You were a sweet dog. No matter how much the babies tormented you it didn't bother you as long as you were getting attention. Kittie still misses cuddling with you. I Just want you to know that I will never ever forget you and I will keep you always in my heart.

Hey boys...I can't believe its been 20 time flies. still misses you. We talk about you all the time. Especially about how you would let us dress you up and push you in our doll strollers and just lay there...such a good boy. I hope Rainbow Bridge has a lot of snow to jump through and waterfalls to bark at. You were such a character. Even after 20 years forever in our hearts you will always be remembered.

Hey girl....just wanted to say even though Michele bought you home we were all your humans....even though I moved out right after. I thought about you today and how you used to love to give hugs especially to mom around her neck from behind...and how you loved that red umbrella...never understood why but you were so darn cute walking around with it considering it was almost as big as you..anyway just wanted to say that I'm sorry you got sick and had to leave but I know you are better you will always live on in our hearts....

You were a great protector...I hope they have lots of treats for you at Rainbow Bridge. When we had company they didn't stand a chance if they didn't come with a treat for too were such a good boy and will forever in our hearts be remembered. I know you and Rudolph are together and that makes me feel better since I think a part of you left when Rudolph did.

I remember when Grandmom had to move and you moved in with us. My very first loss and I remember it like it was yesterday. Mom and Dad came home and told me that you were sick and God had to take you. How I hated God. I don't anymore as I know that he did what was best for you and I would never have wanted you to suffer for one second. You were a great dog and I still to this day think about you and miss you.

Hi sweet sweet many years and still so fresh....I will never ever forget your spunky playful personalities. I hope you are together with Rudolph, Prince, Tiny, Mandi, Shadow and Fluffy along with the babies I was too young to remember, Living happily ever after at Rainbow Bridge... .

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