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~*~ Inside Of Me ~*~

I still remember this first time I laid eyes on you. You were about six weeks old & were about the size of a little mouse. You purred & crawled up on my shoulder and went to sleep. I knew right then that you were my kitten. I told you that you had stolen my heart. Funny how you had many of the same habits right from the beginning of your life. You would go & lie in places where one of the full grown cats had just left. When you came home to live with me you were so good while you sat in your carrier as Erica checked you out. I was told I’d have to keep you two separate for about a week. The two of you were playing like old friends in less than twenty-four hours.

You loved Carol. When she’d go into the bathroom you would swipe your paw under the door & try to play with her. When she came over after we’d been away you ran to greet her like a dog. We’d shut the bedroom door at night but that didn’t stop you. You’d slide under the door & would come sleep with us, purring the whole time. I’ll never forget when you climbed on top of my chest when we were in the bathtub one night. You just wanted to be as close as you could to us & didn’t care about getting wet. You barely made a sound. I was told that your mother had probably taught you to be very quiet since you were born in wild.

Then when you were about six months old you started to meow one morning & then didn’t stop for the next ten years!!! I loved waking up with you snuggled next to me looking at me every morning & having you follow me to the bathroom, to the kitchen, etc. Honestly you could drive me crazy sometimes when you wouldn’t let me sleep, but I loved all the unconditional love you gave me each day. I loved meowing back at you and us having a conversation. You were my pride & joy & everyone knew it. Anytime I’d talk to someone on the phone & they hear you meowing they’d just laugh. People sometimes thought you were a baby crying.

Anytime anyone stayed overnight they’d comment on how sweet you were & how you’d sleep with them. Mario loved taking pictures of you. He really loved you too & misses you. He has a beautiful framed picture he took of you in his living room. I still remember you posing for him on my bed one day when we lived on Riverside Drive. When he was finished you got up & jumped off the bed. You were always so funny & good natured with Max when he’d want to wrestle with you or hump you.

You never scratched. I used to tell you that you had velvet paws because you were so gentle. The only time I ever remember you hissing was when you got a catnip mouse when you were a kitten. You could drive me crazy sometimes with all of your constant love & attention but deep down it meant so much to me because I felt the same way about you. When you got out I was so scared I’d never see you again. When I found you Lorenzo said “it’s going to be a good Christmas because Romeo is back.” He was right. Getting you back meant more to me than anything.

I feel so lucky to have been able to share so much love with you, Romeo. You really taught me so much about what it means to love unconditionally. I miss you but I am so glad that I had you for ten years. You will always be in my heart & soul. Someday we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. I will always love you my sweet little boy.

What I loved about Romeo

He was sweet
He had unconditional love for me
He liked to play
He was sensitive
He was friendly to everyone
He was affectionate
He was innocent
He was such a boy
He was forgiving
He loved people
He wanted me to be happy
He loved his home
He never hissed or scratched


One day as I traveled along my life’s path
Three women weaving I happened to see
And I stopped to rest and to watch for a while
As they worked on an intricate tapestry.

As I watched and they wove I began to see
The color of each thread shift and change
And the pattern would alter with the color shift
And the tapestry grew and expanded it’s range.

I continued to watch as they continued to weave
And I saw periodically one a thread would snip
And a small hole would form in the tapestry
And the pattern at that point alter and shift.

But others would take up each thread as snipped
And weave it into a new tapestry
No thread seemed lost for even a moment
The flow to the looms seemed as smooth as can be.

Then one of the three smiled up at me
Sad eyes that seemed tired with age
And without a word she explained the threads
And the intricate tapestry they made.

“Threads cut shorter a short life or child
Longer threads those of ones older
Bright tones for happy moments in life
Dark tones for times sadder and colder”

And I watched the two looms and their tapestries
Amazed both from the same threads were woven
The first intricate patterned in dark and light
The second flawless with beauty unspoken

As a single tear fell she again spoke to me
“We ,the Fates, weave for all time the tapestry of life
We weave with life’s threads, the long and the short
Our patterns colored by joy, pain, and strife.”

“The others are angels who lift up each cut thread
To add to their loom with love oh so gently
Then they weave with colors so perfect and lovely
For their tapestry is the perfect eternity.


"No life is ever truly lost – its course is only altered to travel a distant shore."

Light a candle in Romeo's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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