Written and copyrighted by Don & Linda Dade,
Published by Tin Pan Alley

It was such a lovely summer day but a bit too warm for you and me sweet boy.
Neither of us much liked the hot weather but we had to go shopping.
As we left our nice cool home I remember telling you "it's ok sweet boy, the van will be nice and cool."
If only I had known how wrong I was we would have stayed home that day.
The van was a bit warm on the way to the store
so I asked the driver to please be sure to have the air conditioning on when he came back to pick us up.
As usual you were perfect in your work at the store.
I remember so well how everyone always commented how well behaved you were and how beautiful.
That silken red fur caught everyone's attention.
Then they would look into those soft brown eyes and fall in love.
How could anyone not love you my sweet golden angel?
How could anyone who knew you not care if you needed something or refuse you that?

That day someone sadly would deny you a simple comfort and cause you so much pain.
We finished our shopping and as usual, you took me to our friend Char's line to check out.
She loved you so much and you would look for her
Even if her line were the longest you just had to see her and get those pets you loved so much.
We went out to get on the van and found it very warm.
I asked Walter, the van driver to please turn on the AC.
He took his time loading everyone's groceries into the back of the van, which of course let in more
hot air. Then he got into the van and we started for home.
Again I asked him to please turn on the ac and pointed out how hard you were panting.
You had been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy back in March and it was June now.
Walking had become more difficult for you by then and you got tired more easily.
The heat had always bothered you but now even more so.
Half way home, after I had asked many times the driver finally turned the AC on low in the front of the van.
We were sitting in the back and it didn't help you at all.
By the time we got home, you could hardly get up and kept falling as I tried to get you off the van.
I had to wait for Walter, the driver to get all the groceries out before I could use the wheel chair lift to get you
out of the van so you wouldn't need to use the steps. We had been doing that for some time since you were diagnosed.
We got off finally and it was so hard for you to walk as we went down the hall to our apartment.
I helped you to your favorite spot in front of the fireplace and got cool water for you to have a drink.
Then wet some towels and put them over your back and wiped your face and head.
I kept changing them but you couldn't stop breathing so hard and weren't getting any cooler.
The ac was on as cold as I could get it but nothing was working.
I called your vet,Ed and told him we were comming.
Then I called our friend Roy and he came down with the flat bed dolly and we lifted you onto it and took you to his car.
He had already started the car and had the ac on to help keep you cool.
That trip seemed to take so long even though it wasn't really far.

When we arrived Roy ran in to tell the vet we were there.
Ed, your vet came out with one of his assistants and they carried you into the trauma area.
When Ed took your temperature, it was 108. He put you in the big sink and soaked you with cool water.
Then laid you on large ice packs wrapped in towels.
He put the heart monitor on you and your heart was beating so fast and doing crazy things.
He gave you several shots and waited a bit but nothing was calming your breathing and that just made your heart
even worse. He said, "He's in a very bad place right now. I don't think we can bring him out of this."
I said ,"Isn't there anything you can do please? I can't loose him yet. If it was his time I could accept it but it isn't."
He said," We can try one more thing but there is no guarantee it will work and he may come out of this not even recoginzing us.
He may not be the dog we know."
I hugged you and kept trying to calm you and said thatwe have to give him a chance.
Ed agreed and said, "we will give him an anesthetic and insert a trache tube and put him on a respirator
that will breathe for him. That will give his lungs a rest, and we'll see what happens when he wakes up."
That was a long hour but he waited patiently with me as you slept.

You began to stir and I hugged you close as you lay on the table.
Ed removed the tube before you fully woke up and we watched to see what would happen.
Your breathing was a little better but still very deep and roaring.
Ed looked very worried and said, "I don't know. He is still not good
there is no more I can do.If hie breathing doesn't settle down we need to think about letting him go."
I held you close and whispered to you,"Aurich, Mommy is right here. You have to calm down if you want
to stay with me. Just relax and calm down otherwise you can't stay with Mommy.
I kept repeating that over and over trying to calm you.
You began to breathe easier and soon were very calm and breathing normally."
You recognized me and Ed and were the boy we all knew and loved. You gave me kisses and rested your head against me.
Ed breathed a sigh of relief and I hugged him and thanked him.
He said, "I did all I could. Aurich did all the hard work. It was all up to him and he fought and won a battle I didn't think he could win."
The other vet came over and looked at you laying there calmly snuggled against your mommy and said,"If I hadn't seen this I wouldn't believe it."

We took you home and I remember crying all the way there.
They were tears of joy that I still had my sweet golden boy with me.
I let you just rest for six weeks. No work only getting up to go outside to be relieved and to eat and drink.
I brushed you turning you from one side to the other as you loved being brushed
and always were so proud of looking your best.
Much to everyone's surprise by the end of six weeks you were back doing what you loved best,
being my eyes and helping me through life.

You had a golden heart filled with love.
A heart that loved everyone and one that all who knew you loved.
One that reached out to all and that touched all who knew you.
With that golden heart, you taught me how to love more deeply then I ever had before.
I never thought you would hold a grudge against any one.
About a month later after that awful day I took you for a short walk to the lobby to get the mail.
We stopped there and I sat down and you lay down to rest before starting back to the apartment.
You always laid in front of me facing the door so you could see who came in.
As I spoke to someone, who had come over to ask how you were, you got up and turned your back to the door.
Then I heard Walter's voice speaking to someone. I hadn't realized he had come in the door.
He walked over and reached down to pet you as he had done many times.
You got up and moved away from his reach and put your head against my leg.
That was always your warning signal. The one you used to tell me to be aware of someone or something.
I knew in that instant you understood just who was to blame for what had happened to you
and no longer trusted him.
I had learned well from your teaching to always trust your instincts.
Once we started going out on the van, Walter would try to pet you and you never would allow him do do that again.
Each time you pressed against my leg and backed away from him.
Finally, one day, I just had to tell him why you were doing this.
I told him that you knew he hurt you and that he owed you the respect to just leave you alone.
You had been my eyes for so long, I felt it was only right that I be your voice now.

My sweet boy, we had only six short months from that tragic day till I had to let you go.
But those six months were filled with more love then most people ever know.
For i knew a love and devotion so strong that it could defeat all odds just so we could be together.
It was not your time to leave and you knew that.
When the time came , you let me know, but that's a different story.
This is the story of a great golden warrior who fought the good fight and won.
A story of strength, courage and a bond of love so strong and true.
A bond so deep that it touched my very soul and will be with me forever and one day more.
Dedicated to my sweet golden angel~Aurich~

(c) Kathy Hayes aka AurichWolf aka Katie ~~ 2006~~

Light a candle in Aurich's memory, for a sick, abused, or special needs furbaby, or perhaps just someone who needs a prayer and a candle lit.

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