Tears In Heaven
Eric Clapton


In loving memory of our Dearest Tai-Chi who we love so much
In your 8 short years of life , you left an
everlasting pawprint on our
hearts.....You came into our lives as a
beautiful puppy with a bushy tail
and big ears that you needed to grow into.
You loved everything and everyone around
you.Who would have know that
your name would fit your personality.....so
carefree and living life to the
fullest.....you definitely taught
us not to take life for granted.
Although you developed medical issues over
the past 4 years of your life and
needed to take medication
you were still a happy girl.
You brought us so much happiness, with all
your funny traits.from running
the "double dutch" when we chased you
around, to rubbing your face on
command on your blanket
after being out in the rain.

You had an internal clock inside you , every
night at 8pm you come out for
your evening snack...boy do your sisters
Shannon and Allie Girl miss you for that.
My Tai Tai, February 10, 2008 was the
worst day of our lives...that was the
day we had to give you the greatest gift we
could ever give you and that
was to assist you to the Rainbow Bridge,
when you left on your new journey,
you took a huge piece of our hearts with
you...we miss you so very much and
there isn't a day that goes by that we don't
mention your name.we thank
you so much for all these wonderful
memories...I just wish I had one more
day with you to just cuddle and
kiss you one more time.

Forever in our hearts,
Mommy and Daddy

These are some of the things that will always be
embedded in my mind about you.

1.You ran the "double dutch" when we chased you,
and sometimes when running
down the hall you always had this big smile
on your face and it seemed like
your butt made it first to wherever
you were running to.
2.Whenever you were outside and Lisa next door
teased you and said shut up
you wouldn't look at her but would only bark once.
3. Your internal 8pm clock...this was definitely your
snack time. speaking of snacks you
knew exactly where they were kept
and would point your nose to
the correct cabinets.
4. You loved when mommy danced around the living
room , you would follow and go in circles.
5. Whenever me or daddy ate a roll, as soon
as you heard the paper crinkle,
that was your clue, you would jump up on
our laps would your front paws and
actually take a piece out of our mouths.
6.You would walk around with a bone in your mouth for
hours and look for a hiding place for it,
then you would stand guard.
7 Whenever there was a new bag of food in the
kitchen you would lay by it and guard it growling
at your sisters if they came to close.
8. You were the only one who ever used
the step on the deck.
9. You loved laying at Daddy's feet.
10. When you wanted something , you would rest your
face on our laps and give us the boo-boo
face and if we didn't get up you
would pull our arms with your paw.
11. The greatest memory is the way you greeted us
everytime we walked through the door...
you always had a toy or bone in your
mouth and showed us how much you loved us...
Baby Girl that's why home was
my favorite place to be.

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