The Silver One paced near the edge of the reflecting pond, "Are you sure ?" he asked the wind. "She seems so small - frail, and I have seen how her story will unfold." A small breeze ruffled his fur slightly, "Yes. She is the one." The Silver One wished he felt more certain, but the wind had never lead him astray. It was easy to see Daddy needed a pupper to care for, that he did not doubt - he only doubted it should be this one. His hope had been that the one to follow would be with Daddy for a long time - would be strong and one to make Daddy happy. But the Silver One knew to trust the wind that whispered to him.

"Well," he thought, "She will be needing some help." He began to whisper on the wind to the little one, "Look into his eyes - let him look into yours. Gheeze - get his attention, you need to stand out." The tiny pup looked about, then pulled herself into regal pose. "I am a lady" she responded to no one in particular. The Silver one answered, "Well, your little lady-like behind will remain here in the puppy pen then." At that she began to worry, "How?" Okay thought the Silver One, now we are getting somewhere. "He was used to me being a rascal at times � I never tried to destroy things - but oh I do like to play - I had some wonderful toys." "Toys? Rascal?" the little pup reply. Now she was puzzled, "I just want a human to love."

The Silver One thought, doing a silly trick was not going to work, the little pup needed to let Daddy know she was choosing him. "Look at his bottom paws, Little One. Pull him by the strings on his paws - drag him to you!" As she tried to drag Daddy to one side the Silver One chuckled to the wind, "She is so small, she will never move him, but she is persistent!"

The Caring One looked down at the tiny puff of fur trying to pull his shoe, into her mystical looking crystal blue eyes. "Yes," he thought, "This one." He made arrangements and the Silver One had a new sister - a little sister to love and guide from above. Her new Mommy and Daddy named her ShiShi, and she was given all she needed and wanted in full measure and she grew in grace.

One day - into her mid-puppy times something began to happen, to go wrong. The Silver One pleaded with with the wind, "Let me fight the monsters. Let my little sister stay with Daddy and Mommy, they need her." The wind responded, "She will stay yet a time, after the monsters attack and release her you may go to her and comfort her."

So the Silver One watched over his sister as he was helping new arrivals at the reflecting pond. He saw Daddy try so hard, and the wonderful healer Mommy and Daddy asked to help her. Mommy devoted her time to ShiShi and they bonded even more than before. Daddy searched and tried to find new ideas. Daddy poured his love into ShiShi and his heart into prayers. Soon Daddy's prayers were joined by those he had reached out to help, so many prayers they seemed a roar.

"She will heal and be whole and the monsters will leave?" he begged the wind. "Your sister's life will unfold as it has been written." the wind responded. With each attack the Silver One thought "No, it is too soon."

One day in her third year the monsters attacked with new resolve, the healer, and Mommy, and Daddy knew she could not win this time, ShiShi looked to Mommy for a goodbye love until they would again meet and permission to go. She could see watching and waiting nearby a silvery figure here but not quite here she felt sure was her brother and a being of pure love - what had Mommy called them? - Oh yes, Angels. Daddy's and Mommy's and the healer's tears glistened like tiny stars on her fur. And she felt the wash of many tears from around the world.

As her eyes drifted closed she found she was standing beside her brother with the angel, though Daddy, Mommy , and the healer did not seem to see them. she looked at the angel and her brother, "Do I have to leave them? Mommy and Daddy are hurting so, and even the healer's heart breaks. Can I not stay?" The angel shook her head, "Your brother will show you how to visit, but it is time, you cannot fight the monsters any longer. They know this, also."

When she looked again she was in a place more lovely than any she had ever imagined, and the monsters were gone. She found she was standing at the side of a beautiful pond with crystal clear mirror like waters that reflected places far away. "Where are we?" she asked. The angel replied, "This is rainbow bridge where you will wait for your Mommy and Daddy with your brother the Silver One, and brothers and sisters who were before either of you. "Who will watch over Mommy?" she asked. The angel smiled, "You will, from here."

Time progressed and ShiShi came to know her brother the others called the Silver One more each day - even here in paradise he fretted over her, and on several occasions she chided him for worrying, "This is paradise, I am in no danger." He smiled at his elegant little sister, "No, I guess you are not - but it is a hard habit to break."

She was relaxing at the pond's edge, watching when her brother ran to her disrupting her revere, and to her dismay Mommy disappeared from the pond's shimmering waters. "Sheeze, big brother, what is soooo urgent? I was watching Mommy and Daddy, they are okay. The rest may not see it but there are times I look at you and see a large clumsy puppy!"

The Silver One looked at her and snorted. If he were not so excited he would remind her who was the elder here. "I FOUND HER!!" he said - nearly shouting. Found? Who was missing? She wondered if he had gotten lost. "Our new sister. The one to help Daddy's and Mommy's hearts heal. Daddy will need to act fast, we have to find a way to get him to where she is and whisper to the guardian ones to take him to her." The words fair tumbled out of the Silver One. ShiShi looked at him and wondered, a new sister? "Come," he said, "I will show you."

The Silver One drew his blue-eye sister back to the edge of the reflecting pond. Together they watched as the nervous helpers seemed to hide a pupper where she might be overlooked. "Her heart is so full of love - she needs only the right one to give her love to. She is who Mommy and Daddy need." the Silver One stated. Shishi watched for a bit, "What do you plan to teach her?" she asked. "Please, not how to be a rascal!" The Silver One just grinned, "Well, you can teach her how to be a snuggler as you are - maybe a mix of both will be good. I feel she will be more Daddy's girl as you are more Mommy's girl."

ShiShi thought quietly on her brother's words. "Yes," she thought, "a daddy's girl would be good. Now, what shall we do to get Daddy to where she is? And what shall we tell her so she can get Daddy's attention?" The Silver One thought � there was a Siberian Husky that had been lost that was sheltered where their new sister was, if he nudged the helpers there � the guardian ones - they would call Daddy. "But his people love him, are hunting for him," ShiShi said. �and if Daddy falls in love with him then looses him . . . And what of our sister? He cannot have both.� The Silver One smiled, �Then we will have to whisper to those who love him and be sure they get here first. Then we can whisper to the guardian ones when Daddy gets there, �Show her to him� - that will be enough.�

When the Caring One got the call about the Siberian he went down hoping this one was to be his, but when he got there the Siberian�s family had found him � taken him home. The guardian ones heard the wind whisper to their hearts, �Wait, don�t go yet � you must see this one.� As the Silver One and ShiShi watched Daddy and their new sister met, and they saw the bond start. The Silver One looked at ShiShi, �It is done, now we can watch.�

� Candace 8/17/06

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