Tales of the Garden

These tales are my understanding of events, of people I know and have come to care deeply about, and about the truths of life as I understand it. I take full accountability for the tales as told - but must acknowledge that I am merely the recorder, these are the lives of real people - and the unfolding of real events. I have ( and will likely continue to) turned to others to verify information, to add detail, or to find reasons and I am grateful to them for their help.

In the first tale i introduced the plant, a dear friend who I count as not only a very dear friend but in so many ways a guide and mentor. He also is first to see the tales and be asked for feedback, and without his support I likely would never have penned the tales or found the courage to develop these pages on the web. If you find pleasure in these tales or any of these pages then know they are here because he cared enough to encourage me.

Silver Dawn - Candace


In the corner of the garden
in the quiet of the soft place of solitude
where the weary soul can find rest
the restless soul can find peace
and the sad soul can find joy
dwells the garden angel.

One cloudy day while resting there I asked
how did an angel come to here reside?
I came to be here to share times when you are happy,
to watch over you in times of trial
and protect you in times of trouble.

Your heavenly father did not intend you should face difficulties alone
or lack someone to share either large or small joys.
I keep this place, that it may always be a shelter,
that it may always be calm and beautiful,
and that you may never have to face this world alone.


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The Plant
The Tree
The Bluebird
The Halfling
The Pixie
The Hummingbird
The Sapling
The Storm
The Butterfly
The White Owl
The Dove
A Garden Christmas

The Path
Not Taken
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Thank You,
Silver Dawn

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